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14+ Best Coffee Margaret River (Locals Guide 2024)

When it comes to finding the best coffee Margaret River, we are absolutely spoilt for choice!

As someone who has lived and worked in Margaret River since 2016, and as an avid coffee drinker myself, I know all the best places to grab a cup of coffee, whether it’s a quick espresso or something more special.

Whether you’re looking for a quirky café to get your morning brew, or somewhere with a great atmosphere for brunch and coffee, or some place to drive through because your kids are screaming in the back seat (speaking from experience!), I’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of the best coffee spots in Margaret River!

This article contains some affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission when you click on them, at no additional cost to you. I do hope you find the information in this article helpful!


Don’t have time to read my full list? Here are my top picks for Best Coffee In Margaret River!

Best Cafes Margaret River

Are you looking for the best cafe Margaret River? Plenty to choose from, and I have plenty of opinions about all of them! Read on…

A vibrant and inviting cafe in Margaret River serving the best coffee in town. The image shows the eclectic interior with unique tables and chairs, a skilled barista behind the counter, and customers happily enjoying their freshly brewed cups of coffee.
Interior of a cafe in Margaret River.

1. West Coffee Co.

RATING: 5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 750m |📍LOCATION:  31 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Plenty of off-street parking in the nearby carpark that is there for the skate park.

The Blend: West Coffee Co.

✨Why You Should Choose West Coffee Co.

Perfectly located close to the Skate Park, West Coffee Co. is the perfect coffee stop for coffee lovers and those looking for things to do in Margaret River for families, and also, in my humble opinion, consistently makes the best coffee in Margaret River. A casual experience where you can sit out on the lawn with your brew and relax under the shady trees. Heaps of parking here also make it one of the more convenient stops.

♥️Why You Will Love West Coffee Co.

✅Their skilled baristas know exactly how to extract the perfect flavors and aromas, ensuring that every cup is a memorable experience. Seriously, I’ve never had a bad coffee here!

✅Open from 6am daily, so if you’re an early bird, or off for an early surf at one of the best surf spots in Margaret River, this place is perfect.

✅Plenty of room outside to spread out, or stand around and chat with your newest coffee friends.

“Mate, these guys are amazing. Friendly service (but not annoying friendly), prompt, EXCELLENT coffee and just a great vibe. What a great place to find on our holiday. Thanks guys, we’ll be back 🙌 …” -Verity (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love West Coffee Co.

✅Not open past 1pm, which is annoying if you like a 3pm caffeine hit like me.

✅If the weather is crap, it’s not really an ideal location to sit and enjoy a coffee, in this situation, I will just grab a takeaway.

✅They don’t do a 16-ounce take-away, their biggest is a 12-ounce. I prefer the bigger coffees personally, but I understand why places don’t offer them.

Locals Tip: If you’ve got kids, bring a scooter/skateboard/bike so they can have a scoot around the skate park (and you can have your coffee in peace!) at the best cafe in Margaret River!

A charming outdoor coffee counter in Margaret River, known for serving the best coffee in town. The image captures a walk-up window with a hole in the wall where customers can place their orders. A chalkboard menu displays the available options, while freshly baked muffins are showcased on the counter for an enticing treat.
Outside counter at a cafe in Margaret River.

2. Gathered Organics

RATING: 5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 4.4km |📍LOCATION: Footsteps Organic Farm, 401 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Heaps of parking available! There’s a small carpark literally at the front of the building, then plenty more on the lawn.

The Blend: Margaret River Roasting Co.

✨Why You Should Choose Gathered Organics

It took me ageeees to finally try a coffee at Gathered Organics – I don’t know why I had forgotten it existed, but I had, and when I finally tried a coffee here, I was so impressed! This place is definitely my number one pick for Margaret River cafes, especially if you have kids!

They use Margaret River Roasting Co. (my fave local coffee makers!) and their Organic Blend and Bonsoy (soy milk drinkers will understand my excitement!)

If you grab a takeaway coffee, they use a compostable lid, not the plastic kind you see everywhere, but one that resembles a material more similar to an egg carton, which I was really excited about too!

As their name suggests, they also sell mostly locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, both off-the-shelf and in seasonal boxes, and they have a great range of locally produced whole foods and beauty products too. Botanical Mastery has some beautiful, natural stuff, I especially like the Margaret River Honey Balm and any of her soaps!

Scenic coffee tables overlooking a spacious grass lawn in Margaret River. The image showcases a peaceful outdoor setting where customers can enjoy the best coffee in the area. Children's toys are scattered on the lawn, creating a family-friendly atmosphere for visitors.
Outside area of Gathered Organics – as you can see there is heaps of room for the kids to play!

If you’re looking for kids activities in Margaret River, here’s an idea for you! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10am until midday, they also host a kids craft and nature play session. It’s $9 per kid, but it’s more than worth it, because there are sooo many cool craft supplies for the kids to play with and try out.

This is all set-up in the big shed, so it’s undercover, making it perfect for too-hot or too-rainy days, but they also set-up a nature play station outside.

This activity would be great for any crafty kids of any ages, and I’ve seen kids there up to the age of about 12.

♥️Why You Will Love Gathered Organics

✅Really great, affordable coffee, in a lovely, chill environment

✅Sit inside or out, there’s plenty of room for everyone

✅This kid-friendly Margaret River venue is great for small kids, there’s a sandpit, tonnes of outside toys and lots of lawn to run around on

“Daniel and his team do a great thing. Organic wholefoods plus a great place to drop in on the way to surf for a solid coffee and a bunch of organic bananas . Highly recommend.” -Ben and Nicole (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Gathered Organics

✅It’s a five-minute drive out of town, which is kind of annoying, but if you’re heading to a Margaret River beach anyway it’s on the way past, and actually, it’s worth the drive anyway because the parking is EXTREMELY easy (probably the best in town, aside from going to a drive-thru), and the coffee is excellent!

✅No real lunch options here, although there are cakes, slices, raw treats and toasted sandwiches. I’d probably try another place for lunch.

Locals Tip: While you’re here, grab some of the Botanical Mastery Witches Pesto. It’s made just down the road, by my friend Lena, using organically grown herbs from the farm out the back, and it’s literally the best thing ever! I have been having it on my toast every morning for the last couple of months now, but I’m sure there’s lots of other creative uses for it. I even like it straight from the jar 😂😂😂

Drift Cafe, one of the best coffee spots in Margaret River, bustling with locals and visitors enjoying their freshly brewed coffee and delectable lunch options at outdoor tables.
Drift Cafe consistently serves up some of the best coffee in Margaret River town.

3. Drift Cafe

RATING: 4.6/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 190m |📍LOCATION:  1/72 Willmott Avenue, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Can be tricky, hopefully, you can find something on the street, otherwise head down Ned Higgins Lane next to the park, and park in one of the carpark behind the shops and walk down. Otherwise, try parking under Woolworths and walking down.

The Blend: Five Senses

✨Why You Should Choose Drift Cafe

Drift Cafe is one of my all-time favorite spots for a Margaret River coffee! They never fail to serve the perfect brew in a warm, relaxed café environment. You’ll have no trouble finding Drift—it’s just off the main street and a real hit with the locals. I love sitting out front with a newspaper, soaking in the atmosphere and watching the world go by. If you prefer a cozy setting, you can always snuggle up in a corner inside for a quiet chat.

♥️Why You Will Love Drift Cafe

✅Honestly they have such great food here. Their breakfast menu is top-notch, and Drift would be my first choice if I wanted to eat breakfast out in Margs!

✅Drift is a nice dog-friendly cafe in Margaret River, so you can bring your furry friend along and relax on the verandah while sipping your cuppa.

✅Coffee is made with care and passion, I really love the coffee here!

“Cosy little cafe. I can see this being very popular (and busy) with the locals. Had a great meal; smashed avocado on toast with a perfectly poached free range egg. Coffee was lovely too.” -Sean (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Drift Cafe

✅It’s small, and it can be hard to get a table during their busy times. This may result in longer wait times for both ordering and finding a seat.

✅Because it’s small, it can also be noisy and crowded. If you prefer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, visiting during off-peak hours might be a better option.

✅Drift Cafe’s location off the main street means parking spaces can be limited, particularly during busy periods. Finding a convenient parking spot may require some patience or creativity.

Locals Tip: If you’re looking for a more relaxed and quieter experience, try visiting Drift Cafe on weekdays or during off-peak hours. The café tends to be less crowded during these times, allowing you to enjoy your coffee and meal in a more relaxed atmosphere.

A small child excitedly admires the delicious rolls, salads, and cakes at a Margaret River cafe, known for serving the best coffee in the region.
On the hunt for the best cafe in Margaret River, me and the kids put ourselves through the paces!

4. Egberts

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 170m |📍LOCATION:  Fearn Avenue, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Park in the Coles Carpark and walk down.

The Blend: Micrology

✨Why You Should Choose Egberts

You won’t want to miss Egberts, a delightful spot right in the heart of Margaret River. With its charming French-inspired ambiance, it’s hard to resist. This café is a true gem, known for its delectable sweets and pastries that perfectly complement its exceptional brews. The casual espresso-style dining experience is a favorite among locals, so don’t be surprised if you find a line-up. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the wait!

♥️Why You Will Love Egberts

✅Delightful French-inspired Ambiance: From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to a quaint cafe in France.

✅Irresistible Sweets and Pastries: This unassuming cafe is a powerhouse, crafting some of the most exceptional croissants, bread, and pastries you’ll ever taste—yes, even rivaling those found in France!

✅Local Favorite and Friendly Atmosphere: Egberts has earned a special place in the hearts of locals, making it a beloved destination in Margaret River.

“Good coffee and such tempting pastries. Tried the plain croissant, fantastic buttery pastry. Relaxed and yet busy. Limited indoor seating but plenty if you use the benches in the pedestrianised area just outside. Highly recommended.” -Greg (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Egberts

✅Parking can be a bit of a pain here, especially if town is busy, unless you are already walking around the main street.

✅Limited indoor seating can be an issue if you’re wanting to enjoy a dine-in coffee.

✅Shut on Sundays and Mondays, so no leisurely Sunday croissants for you!

Locals Tip: If you are looking for a place to charge your phone, use the benches in the pedestrianized area just outside Egberts. Also, just try a croissant here!

Margaret River Bakery, a popular spot for the best coffee in the region, where patrons enjoy their flavorful brews and tasty treats at outdoor seating.
Margaret River Bakery is often considered one of the best cafes in Margaret River, especially for breakfast, lunch and it’s bakery goods.

5. The Margaret River Bakery

RATING: 4.6/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 300m |📍LOCATION:  89 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Go early and try to get some parking in their little carpark out the front, otherwise you’ll need to try and snag some street parking.

The Blend: Margaret River Roasting Co.

✨Why You Should Choose Margaret River Bakery

Indulge in the charm of this quirky, European-style café nestled on the outskirts of town. A visit to Margaret River wouldn’t be complete without savoring a coffee at the iconic Margaret River Bakery! This beloved establishment has been fueling the locals with exceptional coffee since 1960, making it the true heart of the coffee scene in Margaret River. If you’re heading out for a wine tour in Margaret River, this is the perfect place to start your day.

♥️Why You Will Love Margaret River Bakery

✅Delicious range of croissants and other pastries.

✅Funky looking with eclectic antiques (don’t forget to get a photo of you standing by the wall of plates for the gram!)

✅Great, helpful staff and awesome atmosphere.

“The place in Margs for awesome toasties, pastries, pies and coffees. There’s a queue even early in the morning but it moves fast. Service staff are personal, attentive and always with a big smile.” -Lim (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Margaret River Bakery

✅Everything looks so good it can be hard to decide what to get!

✅ Always so busy so it can be a bit cramped for seating.

✅A bit pricey, but worth every cent!

Locals Tip: Even their bread is fantastic, and if you can’t make it there for whatever reason, Margaret River Bakery stock their bread at the nearby IGA, so you’ll be able to grab a loaf from there!

A carry tray holding four takeaway cups of the best coffee in Margaret River, each served with a delightful marshmallow to enhance the coffee experience.
One of the simple pleasures in life is grabbing takeaway coffee from a cafe in Margaret River and heading to the beach to watch the ocean!

6. Sidekick Cafe

RATING: 4.3/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 50m |📍LOCATION:  5/110 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Plenty of parking available in the IGA/Settlers Tavern carpark.

The Blend: Dukes Coffee

✨Why You Should Choose Sidekick Cafe

Welcome to the bustling espresso bar called Sidekick Cafe located on Margaret River’s main street! At Sidekick Café, you can choose your preferred coffee style, whether it’s a meticulously crafted pour-over, a refreshing cold-drip, or a classic espresso shot. Rest assured, every cup is meticulously prepared using Duke’s freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans, ensuring a delightful and flavorful experience.

♥️Why You Will Love Sidekick Cafe

✅Warm, inviting atmosphere in a handy location on the main street next to IGA and Settlers Tavern.

✅Not a huge range of food available, but they do have some great vegan and GF-friendly options.

✅An option for a dog-friendly lunch in Margaret River, if you sit out the front on the terrace.

“Lovely and cosy Cafe. Friendly staff. And surprisingly yummy food. Had coffee, Mexican sweet potato soup and Cajun chicken wrap.” -Cindy (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Cafe

✅Inconsistent quality of coffee, depending on who is making it.

✅As they don’t have a full kitchen there, menu is fairly basic and from the cabinet.

✅Not a lot of seating and service can be slow at times.

Locals Tip: Sidekick Cafe offer used coffee grinds out the front of the cafe which you are welcome to take home for your plants!

Exterior view of Yahava KoffeeWorks, a renowned Margaret River destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking the best coffee experience in the region.
Yahava is a famous coffee shop Margaret River, as it has a drive-thru, dine-in and offers a coffee tasting tour.

7. Yahava KoffeeWorks

RATING:  | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 3km |📍LOCATION:  2 Andrews Way, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Heaps of parking outside, and also has a drive-thru, so you don’t even need to park!

The Blend: Yahava KoffeeWorks

✨Why You Should Choose Cafe Name

Just 3 kilometers south of town, or a quick 5-minute drive, lies the captivating Yahava KoffeeWorks—a coffee enthusiast’s haven.

Step into this grown-up playground, where the enchanting theme revolves around the world of coffee. With an extensive selection of the finest coffee beans sourced from around the globe, choosing your perfect blend may seem daunting. Fear not! The experienced coffee makers at Yahava KoffeeWorks are there to guide you.

Engage in a delightful conversation and embark on a tasting journey to discover the flavors that suit your palate. It’s an opportunity to expand your coffee knowledge and find your ultimate coffee companion.

Yahava KoffeeWorks truly embodies a coffee lover’s paradise. The combination of exceptional beans, expert guidance, and an inviting atmosphere creates an experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for the art of coffee.

You can also book a Koffee Safari, which is really cool. Over the course of 90 minutes, you will learn how they roast and brew their incredible coffee beans, learn the secrets of a great roast AND you get to try a whole bunch of different coffees.

I did the Koffee Safari with a couple of friends a few months back and I really enjoyed the experience. I definitely got a whole new appreciation for coffee, and it was just really fun to do a tasting that wasn’t to do with wine or beer. The Koffee Safari is highly recommended!

♥️Why You Will Love Yahava KoffeeWorks

✅Diverse range of coffee beans to have your coffee made with, and lots of different kinds of coffee beans to choose from, if you are after a bag to take back to your Margaret River luxury accommodation.

✅The only drive-thru coffee available in Margaret River, and a very efficient one at that, making it a great location to start a day trip from Margaret River!

✅Extended opening hours (especially compared to everywhere else!), from 6am until 5pm Monday to Friday then 7am until 4.30pm on weekends.

✅Huge lawn outside for the kids to run around on.

“Best coffee I’ve had in a very long time. Not only that, a great range of beans, and also coffee making paraphernalia. Top that with friendly staff, and you’ve got a complete package.”-Geoff (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Yahava KoffeeWorks

✅In the past, I would have said that their coffee wasn’t the best and pretty inconsistent, but I’ve been going there a lot in the last 6 months and it’s really improved!

✅Slightly out of town (3km) which is a bit annoying.

✅If you are wanting to enjoy a coffee here, the atmosphere can be a bit strange and overwhelming. I much prefer to grab a takeaway cup and sit on the nearby lawn, or otherwise go through the drive-thru.

Locals Tip: I’ve never liked their Kwik Koffee which is their main brew, so I always get the Specialty Estate, which costs slightly more, but I find it much nicer to drink.

Yahava KoffeeWorks sign displaying the opening hours, inviting visitors to enjoy the best coffee in Margaret River at this esteemed local establishment.

8. The Hairy Marron

RATING: 4.9/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 500m |📍LOCATION: 69 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Either park in the Rotary Park Car Park and walk over the bridge, OR, far closer is to drive into the back of the Hairy Marron Cafe, near the Old Settlement, off Town View Terrace, where there is plenty of shady parking.

✨Why You Should Choose The Hairy Marron

The Hairy Marron is a must-visit destination, especially for bike lovers, as it is near the start of some popular Margaret River bike trails. Located on the banks of the town’s namesake river, it offers an idyllic setting to enjoy a delightful coffee experience. With a focus on sourcing the finest roasted coffee and using the best local produce, they ensure top-notch quality in every cup.

♥️Why You Will Love The Hairy Marron

✅Indulge in their freshly-baked muffins, which can be paired with a coffee for an unbeatable price of $6, available all day, every day.

✅If you have kids with you, grab a coffee and walk down to the nearby Rotary Park.

✅They’re not just about the coffee here, seize the opportunity to hit the trails with their extensive fleet of high-end Giant hire bikes, available for purchase or bike hire in Margaret River, so you can get out and explore the stunning scenery of Margaret River on two wheels!

“Incredible bike shop cafe community. This place absolutely made our stay in Margret River. The team helped us choose trails and bikes for a self led winery tour, provided all equipment including bike side bags, maps and helmets and showed us some awesome secret routes for our trail. The whole team could not be more friendly and welcoming and I cannot recommend this place enough. Oh, and the coffee was excellent too!” -Dan (see more reviews)

A bustling coffee shop in Margaret River, featuring a lady ordering the best coffee from the counter, an appetizing display of cakes and sandwiches, informative signs on the wall, and a professional coffee machine ready to brew the perfect cup.
Blue Ginger is one of my favourite Margaret River coffee shops for a variety of reasons!

9. Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe

RATING: 4.4/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 1.1km |📍LOCATION: 7/31 Station Road, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Plenty of parking out the front

The Blend: Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company

✨Why You Should Choose Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe

Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe is renowned for its old-school, hearty, and healthy food offerings, accompanied by daily breakfast and lunch specials. I think Blue Ginger is probably one of the best cafes in Margaret River. The cafe’s vast delicatessen, which forms the other half of the shop, showcases an extensive selection of trending ingredients and diverse food styles, and many hard-to-find ingredients (Rose Harissa Paste, I’m looking at you!). Whether you follow a gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or traditional omnivore diet, Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe has something to satisfy every palate.

♥️Why You Will Love Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe

✅Exceptional coffee crafted by skilled baristas.

✅Linger in the vast delicatessen on the other half of the shop, for an awesome array of ingredients for the true foodie.

✅Plenty of space to spread out.

“What a quaint find ….like sitting in a yesteryear experience and the food was delicious….like being in a homely kitchen with a home cooked meal. Worth a visit and pleasant staff too.” -Gaye (see more reviews)

Locals Tip: Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe has some cool neighbors too, The Garden Basket next door is where I get most of my fruit and vegetables, as it predominantly only supplies local and independent farmers, and next to that is 34 Degrees Blue, which is the local seafood shop. I love the local prawns and calamari from here, but there’s also plenty of locally caught fresh fish in the cabinet (we catch our own fish from one of the many Margaret River fishing spots, hence why I haven’t bought fish here before!)

A delightful hamper from The Little Farm, brimming with an array of local Margaret River produce, including the best coffee the region has to offer.

10. The Little Farm

RATING: 5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 650m |📍LOCATION: 2/30 Fearn Avenue, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: If you can’t get parking right out the front, you can either take the driveway directly next to it and find some parking behind it, or park across the road outside Prideau’s, (which is Margaret River accommodation with spa just FYI!) in the big carpark next to the park.

The Blend: Margaret River Roasting Co.

✨Why You Should Choose The Little Farm

The Little Farm is a must-visit destination in Margaret River, known for its unwavering support of the best and freshest produce from the local region. This one-stop-shop offers a convenient and well-stocked experience, allowing you to discover and purchase a wide variety of seasonal spray-free or organic fruit and veg, local eggs, handcrafted relishes, pickles and cheeses, and a variety of other local goods.

The knowledgeable husband and wife team behind The Little Farm is passionate about food and takes great pride in their offerings. Antonella, in particular, stands out for her friendly demeanor and expertly curates gorgeous little hampers filled with delightful treats. While you wait for your hamper or explore the store, treat yourself to one of the tastiest barista-made coffees in town or grab a delicious lunch to-go.

The Little Farm is a fantastic addition to the town, and it’s easy to see why visitors can’t wait to return for their next hamper. The dedication and love put into their work is truly commendable. Experience the warm atmosphere, support local producers, and enjoy the exceptional coffee at The Little Farm—it’s a delightful destination that showcases the best of Margaret River.

♥️Why You Will Love The Little Farm

✅Locally Sourced Excellence: By getting a coffee here, you can be confident that you are enjoying a beverage made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

✅Expertise and Friendly Service: You can trust that your coffee will be expertly prepared by skilled baristas who have a genuine passion for their craft.

✅A Delicious Accompaniment: In addition to its coffee offerings, The Little Farm provides a range of delectable food options.

“What a gorgeous shop. Great selection of local quality items, mixed with great service, yummy food and delicious coffee. Do your self a favour and check them out if you are in the Margs Region.” -Tess (see more reviews)

Locals Tip: My friend bought me a hamper from here for Christmas. 🥰🥰 It was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful presentation, and full of the best local produce! If you’re looking for a gift from someone, consider checking out these guys!

A skilled barista preparing the best coffee in Margaret River. The image shows a man behind the counter of a cafe, operating a coffee machine with expertise and precision. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air as the barista creates a perfect cup of java for delighted customers

11. Margs Cafe

RATING: 4.5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 300m |📍LOCATION: The Village at Margs, 49 Town View Terrace, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: There is heaps of parking below the Woolworths Complex, just follow the signs in and take the escalator up.

The Blend: Two Cracks Coffee

✨Why You Should Choose Margs Cafe

Margs Cafe is a great place to visit in Margaret River, offering a combination of friendly service, delicious coffee, and great food. What sets this cafe apart is the presence of owner Deb Carter, a seasoned chef with 15 years of experience, ensuring that the culinary standards are consistently high.

When you step into Margs Cafe, you’ll be greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The dedicated team takes pride in using locally sourced Two Cracks Coffee from Cowaramup, ensuring that every cup is brewed to perfection. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic espresso or a specialty coffee creation, Margs Cafe delivers a memorable and satisfying coffee experience.

In addition to the exceptional coffee, the menu at Margs Cafe showcases a range of delectable dishes made with quality ingredients. With Deb’s culinary expertise and commitment to excellence, you can expect a delightful combination of flavors and textures in every bite.

By choosing to get a coffee from Margs Cafe, you not only support a local establishment but also enjoy the expertise of a passionate chef and the comforting ambiance of a friendly cafe. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Margaret River, Margs Cafe promises a delightful experience that revolves around delicious coffee, great food, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

♥️Why You Will Love Margs Cafe

✅$7 Coffee & Cake deal from 2pm until close.

✅They do cool things like Lego Clubs in school holidays, and Pokemon Club every Sunday from 4pm, which my kids think is really cool!

✅Being next to Woolworths, it is the perfect location to grab a decent coffee after getting your grocery shopping done.

“Found this little gem in the Marg’s shopping centre. Food and coffee was great, friendly service and no lines. Highly recommend coming here for breakfast. Open from 8am til 5pm every day including long weekends.” -Denise (see more reviews)

12. Wyl & Co

RATING: 4.5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 200m |📍LOCATION: 1/8 Fearn Avenue, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Directly across the road near Bus Shelter

The Blend: Allpress Espresso

✨Why You Should Choose Wyl & Co

A buzzing café tucked away off the main street on Fearn Avenue, Wyl & Co offers the perfect brew and a healthy menu! They have a real paddock-to-plate food philosophy and source their produce locally. You can enjoy breakfast on the terrace while taking in the hustle and bustle of central Margaret River.

♥️Why You Will Love Wyl & Co

✅Predominantly local produce featured on their menu, and plenty of vegan/vegetarian/GF options

✅Open for breakfast and coffee 7 days

✅Features AllPress Coffee and Bonsoy as their soy alternative

Such a great place for breakfast! Food is sensational and so fresh! Great coffee and great service.-Claire (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Wyl & Co

✅To be perfectly honest, the last couple of times I have got coffee from here, it hasn’t been the same perfect standard is it used to be, and reviews seem to reflect this. Watch this space, I’ll give them one more shot and report back!

Locals Tip: It can be tricky for parking here, but the bus bay is directly across the road, so park right underneath there in the carpark and it’s a really short walk across the road to get a coffee!

13. Riversmith

RATING: 3.6/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 80m |📍LOCATION: 122 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Either street parking, or park in the Coles carpark, or the carpark behind the Riversmith, between Bussell Highway and Fearn Avenue.

The Blend: Dimmatina Coffee

✨Why You Should Choose Riversmith

Location is great here, if you’re already doing stuff in town, and it’s a nice-looking venue with a Scandinavian aesthetic. To be honest I’ve never gotten a coffee from here, as I have my favourites and it never appealed to me. I have also heard mixed reviews about Riversmith from friends, even under new ownership and management.

It’s open 7 days from 7.30am until 1pm, so could be a good breakfast or brunch option.

♥️Why You Will Love Riversmith

✅The location is great if you’re already in town.

✅Brunch menu looks delicious, although I haven’t personally eaten here.

✅Venue is quite large so there is plenty of space to spread out.

“This place was one of the few coffee shops open in Easter Monday and was so super busy but the staff were amazing, friendly and all of our 6 orders were perfect” -Geraldine (see more reviews)

😔Why You May Not Love Riversmith

✅Reviews aren’t great. I’m going to get a coffee here soon and report back.

14. Kingston Bakery Cafe

RATING: 5/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 220m |📍LOCATION: 131 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps | 🚗PARKING: Street parking, or try and snaffle some parking directly behind it, along Ned Higgins Lane.

✨Why You Should Choose Cafe Name

I was reluctant to actually include Kingston Bakery Cafe on a list about the best coffee in Margaret River, as, though I know their food was really REALLY good, I kind of judgementally just assumed the coffee would be average. But, in writing this article, I had a look at their reviews and it seems the coffee is pretty highly rated! Next time I grab a coffee in town, I will try one from here and report straight back here, so bear with me.

♥️Why You Will Love Kingston Bakery Cafe

✅Banh Mi… do I need to say more!?

✅Excellent value for money.

✅Well stocked with rolls, wraps and the like for a good lunch on the road.

“Doesn’t look like much when you first walk up but the food is really delicious and the coffee is made really really well! Highly recommend!” -Lynne (see more reviews)

Locals Tip: Try the Hong Kong Chicken if it’s available. It can come in a takeaway box with rice/noodles, rolls with salad or in wrap form, but it isn’t always there. This is my favourite thing to order!

Wrapping Up: Best Coffee Margaret River

While it’s normally known for its natural beauty and wineries, Margaret River is also home to some of the best coffee spots in Australia. From boutique roasters to quaint cafes and restaurants, it won’t be hard to find a cup of delicious coffee. Enjoy your stay in Margaret River – and don’t forget to get your caffeine fix!

Australia Travel Planning Guide

🚑Should I buy Australian travel insurance?

100% YES! — Australia has “free” healthcare but it’s only for citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners visiting need travel insurance in case anything happens on their visit. I like SafetyWing – their Nomad Insurance starts at just $1.50 USD a day!

🚗Should I rent a car in Australia?

Yes — Renting a car is a necessity in most of Australia! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, and even if you’re staying in a major city, you’ll want to rent a car. If you are visiting Margaret River, it will be even more important that you hire a car, you’ll need it to be able to get around and see all the great attractions and wineries!

🏨What’s the best way to book my Australian accommodation?

My go-to for Australian hotels is Booking.com. Pretty much all registered accommodation use Booking.com (but not necessarily any of the other major booking platforms), and even most of the holiday homes and caravan parks use Booking.com too!

If you’re planning a trip to Australia where you will stay at multiple locations, it’s super handy to have all your accommodation listed in one place, and accommodation owners like Booking.com because it’s easy to contact the guests using the messaging platform if the guest has an international phone number.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!