7 Best Surf Spots in Margaret River

The Margaret River Region is a world class surfing destination. We have over 40 popular surf breaks stretching from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin coastline. Older locals can tell you stories from the 1950’s but the town really boomed as a hot surf spot from 1970. From lessons on beginners breaks to iconic big waves such as Surfers Point, we have it all!

Typically Autumn is the favorite time of year to surf in Margaret River. Winds tend to be more favorable in Autumn so you’ll likely experience a perfect off-shore day. However, given the diversity of the cape we can steer you in the right direction any time of year.


Grommets! We have you covered, kids or learners alike, grab your soft board and head to Gracetown to catch a wave at Huzzas. This is an easily accessible break positioned in between south point and north point. There’s even the amazing Gracies General Store nearby to grab a coffee and a hand made pie afterwards! This wave is generally smaller and more gentle than its neighbouring breaks. For this reason it is popular with families and beginners.

Redgate and Boranup

To the south there’s some beautiful beach breaks on offer. Redgate is another popular spot that can cater to beginners to advanced surfers. It takes a short walk to get to the breaks from the carpark but it is along a well constructed path. If you have a 4wd and you’re keen to make a day of it, Boranup offers 8km of sandy white beach breaks. There should be a wave for everyone along this stretch! The track in changes throughout the year so be prepared and drop your tyre pressure! Even better, travel with a mate in convoy!

Surfers Point, Margaret River

Alright, let’s talk about the wave you’ve all heard of! Surfers Point. Not for the faint hearted as this is the wave on the World Surf League Pro Tour! If you aren’t keen to paddle out there are awesome facilities here for spectators. It is a great vibe in the evenings with locals and travelers hanging out and enjoying the best sunset in the State. Sometimes you’ll even catch an impromptu jam session. Coffee vans and food trucks also frequent ‘The Point.


If you are at Surfers Point, you are close to some other very popular waves. Lefthanders is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike but it can get super busy here! So make sure you bring your best surf etiquette with you and stick to the line up. This is a consistently good wave for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Southpoint and Northpoint, Gracetown

Heading back to Gracetown, you have the option of Huzzas neighboring breaks. These are the two waves we mentioned earlier; South Point and North Point. South Point is the friendlier of the two and is a great point break that can suit beginners to advanced surfers. It’s a bit of a trek around the path to get in the water but it is a well constructed path and staircase.

North Point is a bit gnarlier! More suitable for advanced surfers. It’s arguably the most high performance wave on the cape! It offers big, long freight train barrels for those brave enough! It takes a bit of a mission over the rocks to get down to the wave, and remember you’ve got to come back up again! If you decide against going in the water North Point is a great spot for spectating! You’ll often see professional surf photographers here as you can get nice and close to the action.


Heading further north we can take you back to some nice sandy beaches! Injidup has a couple of options. Injidup Point takes a bit of a walk but Injidup carparks break is literally right at the carpark. There are no facilities up here so be sure to be prepared and leave no trace behind.


Yallingup lagoon is close to town with easy access from the carpark. There are great facilities nearby including a playground and cafes if you’re making a day of it. Yallingup is an iconic surf town on the cape and is a hub for locals and travellers alike. It is also home to professional surfer Taj Burrows and you’ll often see him here with his family!

Margaret River Surf Schools

If you’re wanting to get into the water and don’t have the gear or knowledge to go it solo we recommend taking lessons. Margaret River Surf School offer equipment hire, solo lessons and group lessons. They also cater for advanced one on one coaching. All ages and skill levels are welcome and you’ll be in safe hands with these professionals. All equipment is included so all you need to rock up with is bathers, a towel, some water and a sense of adventure! Prices start from $55 per person but we recommend booking at least 3 lessons!

Yallingup Surf School have got you covered for the more northern breaks. They have a few regular breaks around Dunsborough and Yallingup. Beach hire of equipment is also available. You can book solo lessons or group lessons as well and all ages and abilities are welcome. Once again prices start from $55 with all equipment included but to get the most bang for your buck book a package!

If you’re looking for accommodation close to your choice of surf breaks we can help you out here.