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Dog Friendly Beaches Margaret River: Complete Locals Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for dog friendly beaches Margaret River!

If you’re traveling with your furry friend and wondering where to enjoy some beach time without any hassle, you’re in the right place.

As a Margaret River local since 2016, I’ve explored numerous dog-friendly beaches with our family’s Siberian Husky, Buddy.

In this guide, I’ll share my expertise on the best dog-friendly beaches near Margaret River, ensuring you and your pup have a fantastic time. From Gracetown to Augusta, I’ve scouted out the top spots where your four-legged companions can frolic freely.

So, leash up and get ready to discover the best dog-friendly beaches in Margaret River!

Best Dog Friendly Beaches Margaret River

Gentle turquoise waters meet the sandy shore with scattered seaweed, overlooking a peaceful cove near Margaret River, perfect for a dog-friendly beach day.
Gracetown Beach is a really good beach to visit if you’re staying in Margaret River, as its close to town, beautiful, great for kids, and it has a dog-friendly beach section

Gracetown Dog Beaches

1. Gracetown Dog Beach

📍Address: Bayview Drive, Gracetown WA | Google Maps

🚗Distance To Margaret River: 17 minutes | 18 km

🐕Off Leash:

For more information, check out this map provided by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Margaret River Dog Beaches

2. Prevelly Beach

📍Address: Bayview Drive, Gracetown WA | Google Maps

🚗Distance To Margaret River: 8 minutes | 8 km

🐕Off Leash:

For more information, check out this information provided by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Old wooden jetty reaching out into the clear teal waters of a dog-friendly beach near Margaret River, with untouched sand dunes under a partly cloudy sky.
If you wondering where the closest dog beach to Margaret River is, Gnarabup Dog Beach is it!

3. Gnarabup Beach

📍Address: Off Reef Drive, Gnarabup WA | Google Maps

🚗Distance To Margaret River: 7 minutes | 8 km

🐕Off Leash:

For more information, check out this information provided by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

A tranquil, sandy river mouth opening into the ocean at a dog-friendly beach near Margaret River, with clear blue skies and distant headlands.
This is a view of the beach from the Colourpatch in Augusta, just up ahead to the right, after the rivermouth, is where the Augusta dog beach starts.

Augusta Dog Beaches

Are you staying down in Augusta and wondering where the Augusta dog beaches are? There’s just the one, but it’s quite long, and being in Augusta, it’s never very busy!

4. Dog Beach Augusta

📍Address: 1 Chaudiere Place, Augusta WA | Google Maps

🚗Distance To Margaret River: 37 minutes | 46 km

🐕Off Leash:

For more information, check out this map provided by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Close-up of a friendly husky dog on a leash, with striking brown eyes, standing on lush green grass.
This is our dog Buddy! A rescue Siberian Husky X that just showed up randomly at our house 3 years ago and has never left!


Is Hamelin Bay Dog Friendly?

No, dogs are not allowed on Hamelin Bay beach. This is because Hamelin Bay is located in the Leeuwin National Park. As dogs are not allowed in National Parks, don’t risk taking your dog there, as you’ll risk being fined by the rangers.

Is Smiths Beach Dog Friendly?

Yes, you can have dogs off-lead at Smiths Beach from Dawson Drive Beach Access Path to Northern End Of Yallingup Beach, with a simple caveat. They are PROHIBITED between 9 am and 5 pm from December 1 until February 28 inclusive. Any other times outside of this they are welcome on Smiths Beach off-lead but under effective control.

Is Eagle Bay Beach Dog Friendly?

Yes, a section of Eagle Bay Beach is dog-friendly. From Eagle Bay Beach Parking to 450m North Of Jingarmup Brook you can have your dog off-lead but under effective control at any time of the day.

Unfortunately, any areas like this one (Injidup Natural Spa) are in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park which means your pup can’t visit.

Is Bunker Bay Dog Friendly?

Yes! Bunker Bay beach is dog friendly from Bunker Bay Cafe Access Track to the National Park Boundary.

Is Prevelly Beach Dog Friendly?

Yes, Prevelly Beach is dog friendly from Riflebutts Reserve to Georgette Way.

Is There A Dog Beach In Eagle Bay?

Yes, you can walk your dog off-leash from the Eagle Bay Beach Parking to 450m North Of Jingarmup Brook.

Is Meelup Beach Dog Friendly?

No, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Meelup Beach, nor anywhere in Meelup Regional Park aside from a small section of Eagle Bay Beach.

Here at Granny’s Pool in Augusta, dogs aren’t welcome *sad face*

Can I Take My Dog On Busselton Jetty?

Sadly, you are not allowed to take your dog on Busselton Jetty. Hopefully I have given you plenty of options where you can take your dog though!

Is Yallingup Beach Dog Friendly?

Yes, Yallingup Beach is dog friendly from Dawson Drive Beach Access Path to Northern End Of Yallingup Beach.

Is Canal Rocks Dog-Friendly?

No. Canal Rocks is located within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, so dogs are not allowed here.

Is Redgate Beach Dog-Friendly?

Sadly, Redgate Beach is not dog-friendly as it is located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Where Can I Take My Dog In Margaret River?

There are many places to take your dog in the Margaret River Region. Check out our list of WineriesRestaurants, and Dog’s Bucket List for heaps of dog-friendly ideas!

Can Dogs Go To Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse?

No. Dogs are not allowed at Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, as the lighthouse is located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, where dogs are not allowed.

Wrapping Up: Dog Beaches Margaret River

The Margaret River region is a paradise for dog owners, offering a variety of beautiful beaches where your furry friends are more than welcome.

Whether you’re staying in Gracetown, Augusta, or anywhere in between, there’s a perfect beach waiting for you and your dog.

Walking along these shores, watching your dog play, is a simple yet profound joy. I hope this guide helps you discover and enjoy these dog-friendly beaches as much as my family and Buddy have.

Remember, spending quality time with your beloved pet on these stunning beaches is a wonderful way to appreciate life’s little joys. Enjoy your adventures in Margaret River with your four-legged companion!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!