About Me: Donna Hawkins: Hotel and Margaret River Expert!

This is a photo of me outside the Margaret River Motel – the motel we own in Margaret River!

A little bit about me;

“Born in a hotel: will probably die in a hotel!”

⭐My name is Donna Hawkins and I was literally BORN into hospitality, with my parents owning hotels and motels across Western Australia since the late 1970s. Although I always helped out when I was a kid, I had my first official job cleaning the hotel when I was 12, started waitressing when I was 15, started bartending when I turned 18 and bought my first hotel when I was 23!

🏩This means I have been around hotels and motels for nearly 36 years – and working in them for about 24 of those years! That’s about two-thirds of my life! You could say that I live and breathe the Hotel Industry!

🏨You’ll be hard-pressed to find many other hospitality professionals out there that have my boots-on-the-ground experience with running hotels and motels.

⛱️In 2016, I bought a 29-room motel in the premium tourist destination of Margaret River, which I work in full-time, had five kids, and started working on this website because I want to help MORE people enjoy Margaret River!


🍻This site is dedicated to helping YOU have the best time possible in Margaret River so that you’ll love it as much as I do! Cheers!