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31+ Best Fishing Spots in Margaret River: Locals Guide

Are you looking for the best places to go fishing in the Margaret River Region?

Luckily for you, I have perfected my fishing techniques a lot over the last 6 years that I’ve lived in Margaret River (mostly thanks to hubs and my five sons, and the roughly 1,000 hours a year we fish🤦‍♀️) so you could say that I’m a bit of a local expert on fishing in Margaret River!

The Margaret River Region is a great place for fishing, with plenty of spots to choose from whether you’re fishing from the beach, a river, or a boat. In this extremely detailed guide, I’ve picked out my top 31 favourite fishing spots in the Margaret River region, spanning from Busselton all the way down to Augusta, so you can spend more time fishing and less time trying to figure out where to fish – although let’s face it, anywhere that’s wet is a good place to fish amiright?

Ok, are you ready?

A young child stands at the edge of the clear waters of Margaret River, gazing into the water, possibly looking at fish, symbolizing the beginning of an interest in Margaret River fishing.
My middle son learning how to fish at a beach in Margaret River

31 Best Fishing Spots Margaret River

Fishing in Busselton

1. Busselton

📍Location: Busselton Foreshore

The beach in front of the town of Busselton and towards Siesta Park has lots of shallow weed and sand flats, making it a perfect location to catch flathead, flounder, king george whiting, sand and yellowfin whiting, herring and tailor. You are not short of Busselton fishing spots here!

⭐BONUS BUSSELTON FISHING LOCATIONS: Try Wonnerup Beach Fishing, Forrest Beach Fishing and Peppermint Grove Beach Fishing for some good beach fishing!

A view of the jetty at Margaret River with clear skies above and calm waters below, a popular spot for local fishing enthusiasts.
View of Busselton from end of Busselton Jetty

2. Busselton Jetty

📍Location: Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty is an awesome spot for families and fishing with kids as it’s quite sheltered and the jetty is long (1.8km!). From the shallows close to shore you can catch herring, gardies, skippy, tarwhine, whiting, crabs and squid.

Head a bit further out along the jetty and you might catch bonito and southern fin tuna. Use a heavy line with live bait and try for a samson fish, mulloway, yellowfin tuna and sharks.

Halfway along the jetty is a great place for mulloway, and john dory are regularly caught on small live baits near the pylons.

🎣Locals Tip: We’ve done Busselton Jetty fishing with the kids several times now and they’ve loved every second of it – apart from the long walk to the end! If you have small children consider taking a cart down to the end with plenty of snacks, blankets and even camp chairs.

3. Four Mile Reef/Busselton Offshore

If you have a boat and want to try fishing in Busselton off it, Busselton’s offshore grounds are rich with fish, including pink snapper, dhufish, blue groper and other reef fish. Trolling lures through the bay is also likely to result in a catch of bonito, tailor or pike. It’s essential to have a good anchoring system and berley trail, but you also need good weather here. Large swells can be very dangerous.

The Busselton Jetty extends into the turquoise waters of Margaret River, with the Underwater Observatory visible, a landmark destination for visitors and a picturesque spot for fishing activities.
Aerial view of Busselton Jetty – think of all of those fish along it!

Fishing in Dunsborough

4. Eagle Bay, Rocky Point, Bunker Bay

📍Location: Eagle Bay Beach

If you’d like to try fishing in Dunsborough, try the stretch of coastline all the way from Dunsborough up to Cape Naturaliste.

Herring, king george whiting, flathead, skippy and tailor are common catches along any of the small beaches or rocks through this area. If you have a boat, trolling the bay is a great way to catch a few bonito and even the occasional blue fin tuna.

During the annual salmon run, this is a fantastic location to fish for salmon in Margaret River, as big schools of salmon make their way around the cape and are easily targeted.

5. Cape Naturaliste

📍Location: Windmills Beach

Warning: Cape Naturaliste is well renowned for its rock fishing, but it’s worth noting here that you should only fish here on days when the swell is low, and you should never fish alone. Keep well away from any wet or slippery rocks close to the ocean, and consider wearing good footwear that grip onto the rocks.

This is an excellent location for salmon fishing during the annual salmon run, but you can also catch samson fish, yellowtail kingfish, and of course lots of herring and skippy.

6. Sugarloaf Rock

📍Location: Sugarloaf Rock

Warning: Sugarloaf Rock is another location known for its rock fishing, but remember to do so safely. You should only fish in this area when the swell low, and always with someone else. Additionally, be very careful around any rocks that near the water as they may be wet or slimy. You might want to consider wearing shoes with good grip to avoid slipping.

Put out a live bait of herring on heavy tackle here to catch samson fish, yellowtail kingfish, sharks, salmon, bonito and southern bluefin tuna. Lighter tackle will yield you herring, skippy and tailor, and catches of dhufish, mulloway, pink snapper and blue groper have been reported before from here.

A surfer with a board stands by the shore, ready to tackle the gentle waves at Yallingup Beach, under a sky dotted with fluffy clouds, highlighting the area's appeal for water sports and fishing.
Yallingup Beach

Fishing in Yallingup

7. Yallingup

📍Location: Yallingup Beach

If you’re looking to go fishing in Yallingup, try this fishing spot! Yallingup Beach has easy access to the beach where anglers can target salmon, herring, mulloway, tailor, skippy and herring.

8. Torpedo Rocks

📍Location: Torpedo Rocks

Warning: Just up from Yallingup, Torpedo Rocks is a dangerous location to fish. Avoid fishing here in big swell, and avoid walking on the slippery rocks close to the water. Consider taking a rope gaff or long pole gaff to land big fish rather than get too close to the water.

Salmon and herring are common here, or try setting a big bait on the bottom to catch pink snapper, samson fish, dhufish, queen snapper and small sharks.

9. Smiths Beach

Location: Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach fishing is known to produce some good fishing during autumn for salmon. Fishing here can also produce mulloway, tailor, skippy, flathead, herring and king george whiting. This is a really pleasant beach to spend a few hours, and if you have the time, a few days, as Smiths Beach Resort is located right on the beach (imagine leaving the family in bed in the morning while you walk out the front door to the beach for a fish!)

10. Canal Rocks

📍Location: Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks provides sheltered conditions for rock fishermen, and also for salmon during autumn as they migrate north. You can also catch herring, skippy and whiting here.

If you have a small boat you wish to launch here, you do not need to go far out to catch samson fish, dhufish, pink snapper, queen snapper, salmon, bonito, blue groper and southern bluefin tuna.

Warning: There are not too many black rocks here, but still exercise an extreme level of caution, as this is still fishing off rocks (which I generally don’t recommend, because it’s unnecessary when we have so many other locations you could fish from).

I think Canal Rocks fishing is pretty safe though, as long as you exercise caution, just watch the tides because you might get trapped out on a rock if the tide is rising.

11. Injidup Beach

📍Location: Injidup Beach

Another Yallingup fishing location, here you can catch herring, skippy, whiting, tailor and the occasional salmon and mulloway.

For more information on Injidup Beach, read my Complete Guide to Injidup Beach.

12. Moses Rock

📍Location: Moses Rock North Beach

It’s a bit of a walk to get to fishing platforms, but there’s plenty of salmon, herring and skippy caught here, if you’re looking for another Yallingup fishing spot. If you try a live bait out under a balloon you may catch as big samson fish, but make sure you have heavy tackle.

Two children sit on rocky terrain by the calm waters of Canal Rocks, with a hill in the distance, creating a peaceful scene that may inspire family fishing trips.
My two eldest sons fishing from Canal Rocks

Fishing in Margaret River

13. Gracetown/Cowaramup Bay

📍Location: Gracetown Beach

If you’re looking for some Gracetown fishing, look no further!

I love fishing at Cowaramup Bay because when the weather is nice it’s a great place for the kids to play on the beach. It’s also a very short walk from your car to the beach (this is important to me!) It’s also only a short stroll up the hill to get to Gracie’s General Store for any refills.

You will find good beach fishing here for king george whiting, skippy and herring. The point produces salmon, skippy, herring and the possibility of the samson fish.

14. Cowaramup Bay Offshore

You only need a small boat to launch here to enjoy the offshore fishing for dhufish, pink snapper, queen snapper, blue groper, and harlequin fish.

A caravan park is nearby too, making it a great location to take the family for a holiday.

15. Gnoocardup Beach

📍Location: Gnoocardup Beach

Gnoocardup Beach is a little-known beach near Kilcarnup Beach, and only accessible by a rough 4WD track, but don’t let that stop you if you’re looking for an adventure!

If you want to fish off the beach at Gnoocardup Beach, be forewarned that it’s about a 70m steep walk down from your parked car to the beach, so it can be a hassle if you catch a big fish.

You can catch herring and whiting in the shallows here, and skippy, tailor and salmon can all be caught from the beach.

Although there are rocky outcrops to both the north and south of Gnoocardup Beach, we do not recommend rock fishing due to dangerous conditions. The rocks are slippery, the swell is often large and unpredictable with strong rips present. Just stick to the beach!

The many rocky outcrops make it an ideal place to go free diving and spear fishing. You’re likely to find cray holes and abalone on the rocks not far from shore.

Spear-fishermen can target the WA dhufish in these waters, but make sure to follow the demersal ban and only take these species when they are in season.

For more information on Gnoocardup Beach, including how to find it with your 4WD, read my Complete Guide to Gnoocardup Beach.

A person holds a large, freshly caught dhufish, showcasing a successful catch from a fishing trip in Margaret River, with the details of the fish's scales and colors in clear view
Every fishers dream – a giant Dhufish!!

16. Kilcarnup Beach

📍Location: Kilcarnup Beach

This is quite possibly my favourite beach within a short drive from Margaret River. It’s also one of my favourite 4WD Tracks in Margaret River.

The fishing here is terrific, especially for herring, tailor and skippy. You can even try your luck at catching mulloway in the deeper channels. Salmon are also plentiful during their annual run.

17. Margaret River Mouth

📍Location: Margaret River Mouth

Margaret River Mouth fishing is a great spot for a fish if you’re staying in Margaret River, Prevelly or Gnarabup. The mouth of the river fishes well for mulloway, tailor, herring and salmon during the annual salmon run.

18. Margaret River

📍Location: Margaret River Mouth Viewpoint

If you’re looking to try bream fishing Margaret River, the upper reaches of the Margaret River have big black bream hiding in the snags, but you will only be able to reach these via canoe as there are limited shore based opportunities for fishing the Margaret River.

19. Gnarabup Beach

📍Location: Gnarabup Beach

The fishing here is fantastic, with plenty of good herring, tailor, king george whiting, tarwhine and skippy biting regularly. You can even target mulloway in the deeper channels. This is also a great beach for catching salmon during the annual salmon run. The jetty at the boat ramp is also a good spot to catch squid and cuttlefish.

For more information on Gnarabup Beach, read my Complete Guide to Gnarabup Beach.

20. Redgate Beach

📍Location: Redgate Beach

Good beach fishing Margaret River for salmon, skippy, herring, tailor & the odd mulloway which are best targeted at night.

21. Boranup Beach

📍Location: Boranup Beach

Best explored by 4WD, Boranup Beach has good fishing for salmon from late summer to autumn. Boranup Beach fishing also produces herring, tailor, and mulloway in the deeper channels. This is an excellent beach fishing spots Margaret River if you’re up for an adventure!

Two spotted fish, freshly caught in Margaret River, chilling on ice with a can of Coopers Pale Ale beside them, ready to be enjoyed after a rewarding day of fishing.
Couple of big king george whitings caught from the beach in Margaret River

Fishing in Augusta

22. Hamelin Bay

📍Location: Hamelin Bay

A very popular spot for salmon in season. Fish the beach in front of the caravan park or take the 4WD track further up Caves Road. Hamelin Bay fishing is good for herring, squid, skippy and king george whiting and sometimes jumbo tailor & mulloway.

There is also a boat ramp here, and further out there are reefs and wrecks which make top spots to fish for dhufish, pink snapper, groper, samson fish, yellowtail kingfish and queen snapper.

The Hamelin Bay Caravan Park makes an excellent place to stay, just book in advance as it often books out, especially over long weekends and Summer.

23. Foul Bay

📍Location: Foul Bay

Herring, skippy, whiting, tailor and mulloway can all be targeted here.

For more information on Foul Bay, read my Complete Guide to Foul Bay.

24. Cosy Corner

📍Location: Cosy Corner Beach

Popular with both rock and beach fishers, Cosy Corner offers skippy, herring, salmon when in season, yellowtail kingfish & samson fish.

 25. Quarry Bay

📍Location: Quarry Bay

A reasonably safe beach to have the kids at while you fish, Quarry Bay has herring, salmon in Autumn, tailor, mulloway, tarwhine and shark.

An overcast day at a secluded Margaret River beach, Quarry Bay, with a dense cover of shrubs on a hillside and scattered rocks on the sandy shore, a tranquil spot for shore fishing or contemplative walks.
Quarry Bay in Augusta, very cute little fishing spot that’s family friendly

26. Ringbolt Bay

📍Location: Ringbolt Bay

We have fished from the beach here many times and like it because the kids can explore and we always have the beach to ourselves. You may be tempted to fish from the rocks here, but be very careful of black rocks as on a wet day they can turn to ice. The regular bread and butter species can be found here.

27. Dead Finish

📍Location: Dead Finish

Once one of the main spots for commercial fishing boats to park on a mooring and unload their catch of the day, now it is a quiet beach with a fishing platform for the disabled.

So-called Dead Finish Beach as its nearby anchorage was the last place to get a safe anchorage when on-shore winds made Flinders Bay unsafe for ships.

Herring and king george whiting can be found here, and it’s a nice place for kids to explore with car parking super close to the beach. Highly recommend!

28. Augusta Boat Harbour

📍Location: Augusta Boat Harbour

We have fished at the Augusta Marina more times than you can count! Just off the boat ramp area is a nice spot to fish with young kids, with the carpark close enough if your wife needs to sit in the car with a baby. There are nice public toilets here too.

Lots of undersized snappers here, plenty of skippy and herring, and we’ve heard lots of reports (and also seen with our own eyes but unable to catch them) of really big yellowtail kingfish and samson fish patrolling here.

Our craziest catch of all time happened here – a 55cm john dory fish on a small rod with really light line, caught by my eldest son on his 5th birthday on a drizzly day in July! That was a day I’ll never forget, and my son still tells everyone he meets about this catch 3.5 years on!

The rock walls are also an option as well if you have experience and the conditions are right.

A large, unique-looking fish, a John Dory, lies on a concrete surface with its intricate fin details on display, captured after a fishing adventure in Margaret River, with a person seated nearby observing it.
The John Dory in question!

29. Augusta Offshore

Are you wondering about deep sea fishing Margaret River? Larger boats that head out towards the islands can catch blue groper, pink snapper, queen snapper, king george whiting, samson fish, red snapper, harlequin fish, skippy, breaksea cod and dhufish. Southern bluefin tuna can be caught trolling.

30. Blackwood River

📍Location: Ellis St Jetty

We personally spend a lot of time fishing the Blackwood River as we have a very young family and there’s not many safer places in the area to take kids fishing. Fishing the river is one of my favourite things to do with my kids!

The fish we catch in plague quantities here is black bream, but we also catch plenty of herring, salmon trout (around the 30-35cm mark), skippy, tarwhine and king george whiting. We’ve caught the odd flounder as well, and we’ve definitely seen quite a few mulloway in the river (my kids call it the river kingfish!) but we’ve never been able to land one, as hard my husband has tried!

On clear nights when the river is flat, we’ve had a lot of luck scoop-netting blue swimmer crabs in the shallows. Our record is 5 keepers in the space of half an hour (we had to stop as the kids started to fall asleep)!

For more information, read my complete guide to Blackwood River Fishing.

 31. Hardy Inlet

This pretty estuary, fed by the Blackwood River and Scott River, starts at Molloy Island and heads south towards the mouth of the Hardy Inlet, is such rich location to catch fish and I just love fishing here in our tinny! Black bream, herring, skippy, yellowfin whiting, king george whiting, flathead, flounder, tailor, salmon trout and mulloway can all be found here.

🎣Locals Tip: Anchor up, use berley to attract the fish to your boat, use light line and small hooks, and I can guarantee you will have such a fun time!

Two people on a small boat fishing on the calm waters of the Blackwood River in Augusta at dusk, with a serene reflection of the forest-lined shore and a clear sky enhancing the peaceful fishing experience.
Fishing from the dinghy on the Blackwood River/Hardy Inlet

FAQs: Margaret River Fishing

What Fish Can You Catch in the Margaret River Region?

Beach fishing in Margaret River is productive – you can catch Tailor, Tarwhine, Mulloway, Salmon (in season) and Herring.
There is also the Margaret River, worth exploring for Black Bream, and Blackwood River, which produces Black Bream, King George Whiting, Blue Swimmer Crabs, Skippy, and the occasional Flounder and Flathead. The upper reaches of the Blackwood River also produce Trout and Marron.
If you’re lucky enough to launch a boat near Margaret River, offshore fishing will be a lot of fun, but can also be very hazardous with dangerous seas, however, when conditions are good, anglers can target Queen Snapper, Pink Snapper, Harlequin, Samson Fish, Blue Groper and Dhufish (my favourite!).
If you’re into spearfishing and diving, the region is very good for Crayfish as well. A complete list of species in the area can be found here.

Can You Go Spearfishing in Margaret River?

Are you wondering if you can go spearfishing in Margaret River? Luckily for you, the Margaret River region is a great place for spearfishing and diving. The area has many good reefs and bommies offshore which hold good stocks of Pink Snapper, Samson Fish, Queen Snapper, Blue Groper and Dhufish!

When is the Margaret River Fishing Season?

If you ask my husband and kids, the fishing season in Margaret River is all year-round! In saying that, there are definitely some better months to target certain species. There are also restrictions on when you can catch some species as well. Please stay up to date with all of the Western Australia Recreational Fishing Rules.

Top-down view of a child holding a small fish on a wooden jetty, with an adult's hand holding a fishing rod, capturing a family moment of a successful catch at Margaret River.
My eldest son showing us a fish he caught off the jetty in Augusta!

How Can You Catch A Fish In Margaret River?

If you’re new to fishing or just want some tips on how to catch fish Margaret River, here are some fishing tips for beginners:
1. Use fresh bait – this can be bought at most tackle shops or collected yourself.
2. Use the right rig for the job – there are many different rigs that can be used, but some work better than others depending on the fish you’re targeting and the conditions you’re fishing in.
3. Be patient – Fishing can be a waiting game, so it’s important to be patient and not get too frustrated if you don’t catch anything straight away.
4. Have fun – Fishing is meant to be enjoyed, so make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy yourself!

What is the Best Bait To Use In Margaret River?

The best bait to use in Margaret River will depend on the fish you’re targeting and the conditions you’re fishing in. Some popular baits and what they may catch you include:
Whitebait: Skippy, herring, flathead.
Mulies: Salmon, samson fish, mulloway, pink snapper, dhufish.
Scaly mackerel: Salmon, samson fish, mulloway, pink snapper, dhufish.
Bluebait: Skippy, herring, tailor, snook.
River prawns: Black bream, whiting, flathead, flounder.
Coral prawns: Skippy, whiting, herring, flathead, flounder, silver bream, garfish.
Squid: Dhufish, pink snapper, skippy, whiting, most bottom species.
Octopus: Dhufish, pink snapper, skippy, blue groper, most bottom species.
Worms (sand): Whiting, cobbler, silver bream.
Worms (blood): Black bream, whiting, cobbler.
I’ve created a list of Fishing and Tackle Shops in Margaret River, but most of the above can be purchased at any supermarket or petrol station.

A variety of fish freshly caught in Margaret River, arranged in a stainless steel sink, with a larger fish on top of smaller ones, showcasing the day's successful fishing haul.
Fairly average catch of bread and butter species (herring and skippy) for us from the Blackwood River, with a surprise bonus of a flounder!

Is Margaret River Good For Fishing?

Yes, Margaret River is good for fishing! Not only is there a huge range of fish you catch, but there is also so many places you can try to catch them from (just see my list above if you’re stuck for ideas). If fishing is your jam, you’d be mad not to give it a try in Margaret River!

What Can You Catch In Margaret River?

You can catch a variety of fish including black bream, herring, skippy, yellowfin whiting, king george whiting, flathead, flounder, tailor, salmon trout and mulloway, not to mention all the deeper water species you could catch if you can go out in a boat!

Is There Trout In Margaret River?

No, as far as I know, you cannot catch trout in the Margaret River. If you want to try trout fishing Margaret River, you can catch them in the Blackwood River towards Nannup, and further upstream from there, so I would try there, or Pemberton, where trout really thrive.

A tranquil stream meanders through a lush forest in Margaret River, with trees reflecting off the water's surface, offering a picturesque and serene fishing location.
The actual Margaret River! Wonder what bream and other surprises are hiding in those snags!?

Do You Need A License To Fish In Margaret River?

If you are fishing from a boat or in fresh water, then yes, you will need to purchase a license. If you are fishing from the shore and only using bait, then you do not need a license.
Recreational Fishing Licenses are available here.

Can You Eat Fish From Margaret River?

Yes, all the fish I’ve caught around Margaret River have been fine to eat. As with anywhere, it is always a good idea to check the regulations before you eat any fish you’ve caught, just to make sure there are no restrictions in place.
Recreational Fishing Rules are available here.

What’s The Best Bait For Fishing In Margaret River?

The best bait for fishing in Margaret River will depend on what fish you’re trying to catch. Some good options include prawns, squid, worms and pilchards, but we are on team mulies. Mulies are our go-to bait and what we use pretty much all the time.

Children play on a sandy beach at Margaret River, with gentle waves lapping at the shore and rocks scattered around, under a sky dotted with cumulus clouds.
The beach at Dead Finish, where we’ve had a lot of fun fishing.

Where Do You Catch Squid In Margaret River?

There are a few good spots for catching squid in Margaret River, but my personal favourites are Busselton Jetty, and Cowaramup Bay.

What’s The Best Time Of Year For Fishing In Margaret River?

The best time of year for fishing in Margaret River really depends on what fish you’re trying to catch. For example, if you’re after salmon, the best time is during autumn, when they are on their annual run, whereas for black bream, it’s better to fish during summer.
A good general rule of thumb is that fishing is usually best during the warmer months (November-April), but there are definitely exceptions to this (like salmon fishing Margaret River during autumn). We’ve always caught fish year-round ourselves, so we never use the weather as an excuse not to fish!

Do You Have To Pay To Fish Off Busselton Jetty?

Yes, you do have to pay to fish off Busselton Jetty, during the Interpretive Centre’s opening hours (check opening hours here). The fee is $4 per person, per day, and you can purchase your ticket from the office at the jetty. Kids between the ages of 0 – 17 years old fish for free.

A child crouches on the sandy shore at Margaret River, attentively watching a fishing line in the surf, with a pristine blue ocean and sky backdrop.
My eldest son fishing from the beach in Margaret River

Where Can I Catch Squid In Busselton?

I would recommend trying to catch squid off the Busselton Jetty, as I’ve heard this is a really reliable spot to catch them. If you’re not having any luck there, another option is to try anywhere along Geographe Bay.

Can You Fish Busselton Jetty At Night?

Yes, you can fish from the Busselton Jetty at night. There are several lights along the jetty, however, you may want to pack a torch or headlight as well.

Is There Freshwater Fishing in Margaret River?

I don’t know of any places in Margaret River, aside from the upper reaches of the Blackwood River, where you can go freshwater fishing in Margaret River. I would honestly recommend you head straight to Pemberton, or even Collie, if you want to go freshwater fishing.

Wrapping Up: Best Margaret River Fishing

Don’t forget to get the required fishing license if you need one (you will need one for fishing from a boat and freshwater fishing), check you’re not fishing in a Marine Protected Area, know the recreational fishing rules and respect the bag and size limits. By following the rules, summarized here, you help to ensure there are fish for the future and the generations to come.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about fishing Margaret River! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there’s something here for everyone. So get out there and give it a try – you might just catch the fish of a lifetime!

Australia Travel Planning Guide

🚑Should I buy Australian travel insurance?

100% YES! — Australia has “free” healthcare but it’s only for citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners visiting need travel insurance in case anything happens on their visit. I like SafetyWing – their Nomad Insurance starts at just $1.50 USD a day!

🚗Should I rent a car in Australia?

Yes — Renting a car is a necessity in most of Australia! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, and even if you’re staying in a major city, you’ll want to rent a car. If you are visiting Margaret River, it will be even more important that you hire a car, you’ll need it to be able to get around and see all the great attractions and wineries!

🏨What’s the best way to book my Australian accommodation?

My go-to for Australian hotels is Booking.com. Pretty much all registered accommodation use Booking.com (but not necessarily any of the other major booking platforms), and even most of the holiday homes and caravan parks use Booking.com too!

If you’re planning a trip to Australia where you will stay at multiple locations, it’s super handy to have all your accommodation listed in one place, and accommodation owners like Booking.com because it’s easy to contact the guests using the messaging platform if the guest has an international phone number.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!