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17 Things To Do In Pemberton (Locals Guide 2024)

Are you looking for the best things to do in Pemberton WA? Pemberton tourist attractions are some of the absolute must-do things to include in your South West itinerary. 

I’m a South West local and know the region like the back of my hand. I’ve worked in accommodation here for over seven years and have helped plan literally thousands of trips in the south west. 

Also, I’m a bit partial to the Pemberton area and often take my family on day trips or weekends there from my home in Margaret River so I’ve tried and tested these things to do near Pemberton.

So if you’re wondering what to see in Pemberton WA or what to do in Pemberton WA, this is the guide for you!

⭐Don’t have time to read my full list? Here are my top 3 recommendations on things to do in Pemberton: 

17 Best Things To Do In Pemberton

1.Take A Beach and Forest Eco Tour

RATING: 5 out 5 – with more than 150 positive reviews! | ⏳TOUR LENGTH: 4-4.5 hours | 📍MEETING POINT: Crossings Bakery, 8 Brockman Street, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

Why choose this tour?

The Half-Day Pemberton National Parks, Beach and Forest Eco Adventure offers the creme de la creme of Pemberton experiences. Experience the beauty of the Southern Ocean on a 4WD eco tour that takes you to some incredible scenic spots, including Warren National Park’s old growth karri forest and the landlocked Yeagarup Dune system. 

You’ll get to see the stunning beaches of the Southern Ocean and take in views from inside Dead Man’s Lake in D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Enjoy a picnic lunch or afternoon tea courtesy of the tour before heading back to Pemberton.

This half-day tour also takes you off-road, with modified a 4WD vehicle that is able to access areas inaccessible to other vehicles. You’ll get up close and personal with nature, as well as learn about the area’s pioneering settlers and original Aboriginal inhabitants. Basically it’s the ducks nuts of Pemberton tours. 

What’s included?

Picnic lunch or afternoon tea

National park entry fees

Expert commentary from your professional tour guide

✅Stunning views of ancient Karri forests, sand dunes and lakes, with plenty of photo opportunities

✅Comfortable 4×4 vehicle to give you a true, off-road Australian 4WDing experience

“A really wonderful tour getting to see places we’d never get to otherwise. Very experienced and knowledgeable guide and great company as I went with friends. The sea was beautiful and the homemade Anzac cookies and cake were a delightful touch. I highly recommend this tour!” – Caroline (see more reviews)

“This was so much fun! We did a 4wd tour through the forest, up onto the sand dunes & then along the beach. Its very bumpy, but oh so much fun. Graeme is very knowledgeable about the local area & all round top bloke. The scenery is stunning, the vehicle was clean & comfortable for this type of journey. We had a delicious afternoon tea to finish it all off. Everyone had a great time – would highly recommend doing this when in Pemberton!” – Tracey H (see more reviews)

2.Visit Forest Fresh Marron And Choose Your Own For Dinner

The Pemberton area and its lakes and river systems are prime habitats for the locally renowned shellfish called Marron. I love Forest Fresh Marron in Pemberton because their shopfront is right in town. It’s so convenient to get to. 

When you’re there you can pop out the back and check out the various sizes of Marron. Take your pick and Dave and his team will wrap them up for you to take home. 

All the marron are sustainably caught within the Department Of Fisheries WA laws and are all from local farms. Prices start from around $49 per kg and I can personally vouch for the quality and freshness. My last meal could be Marron and I’d die happy. 

There’s a few condiments available for purchase, my top pick is the truffle sea salt from Farm Fresh Truffles, which I love to add to my cooking to get that genuine truffle taste!

Locals Tip: Cook simply with salt and water. Let the Marron be the hero!

📍Forest Fresh Marron Address | Lot 5, Pump Hill Road, Pemberton WA, 6260 | Google Maps

3.Do The Karri Forest Explorer Drive

I love an epic road trip! And the Karri Forest Explorer is exactly that. This drive basically encompasses many of the Pemberton tourist attractions in one easy-to-follow route (and it’s also handy if you have small children that you want to fall asleep – speaking from experience!)

It is a self-paced drive through the Southern Forests and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the best of the National Parks surrounding Pemberton. You can pick up a copy of the map from the Pemberton Visitor Centre in town. 

During the Karri Forest Explorer Drive you can:

See, this one drive covers so much! Slow down and take it over a few hours or a day or even camp along the way at the Big Brook Arboretum, Draftys Campground or Warren Campground.

Locals Tip: Don’t rush the drive, take it slowly and incorporate as many stop-offs as you can to explore the best of the region.

📍Karri Forest Explorer Drive Address | Begin at the Pemberton Visitor Centre, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

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4.Admire The Gloucester Tree and Karri Forests

The Gloucester Tree is a world-renowned giant Karri Tree. It’s located in the Gloucester National Park and only a couple minutes from Pemberton Western Australia.

It stands about 58 meters tall and has a stairway and lookout up to about 51 meters. This used to be one of only two of the tallest climbing trees around Pemberton. You can enjoy looking up at this magnificent tree and there is ample parking, picnic tables and walking trails around it. 

My first memory of Pemberton was when I went there with my family when I was about 8 years old and I attempted to climb the Gloucester Tree. I can remember getting about 10m up and looking down at the very frightened face of my mum! That’s when I realized how high I was so I promptly came down.

Interesting fact: In the days before spotter planes, the tree lookouts were used as fire lookout trees! The Gloucester Tree lookout was used between 1937-1952. 

Every time I visit this tree I think about the poor blokes that put the lookout up there! What a job. 

Locals Tip: This is a DPAW-managed national park. No Dogs Allowed.

📍Gloucester Tree Address | Burma Road, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

5.Climb The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

You can also climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial tree! This lookout was purpose-built as a tourist attraction and is located in Warren National Park. 

If your legs turn to jelly when it comes to heights you’ll need to dig deep and be brave as this lookout is a whopping 65m high. Seeing the tree canopy from this height really makes you appreciate the old-growth Karri forest.

Locals Tip: This is a DPAW-managed national park. No Dogs Allowed.

📍Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree Address | Off Old Vasse Road, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

6.Take A Dip In Pemberton Pool

Pemberton Pool is a man made swimming pool nestled into the banks of Lefroy Brook. It’s a pretty historic place with construction beginning in the early 1920’s to allow the families of the timber workers to cool down. 

Today it offers swimming platforms, shady spaces, a large open area with BBQs, picnic benches and toilet facilities. 

The pool itself is split into three areas with one space shallower and suitable for toddlers, the middle space suitable for kids and the main area. 

The water is fresh and flowing so safe for year-round swimming, however it’s a bit too chilly for me unless it’s spring or summer, but my kids always enjoy a swim here. When we’ve come during the colder months I’ve seen people fly fishing here, so I assume there’s also some fish in there. 

Locals Tip: Dogs are allowed here but on-leash only. 

📍Pemberton Pool Address | Swimming Pool Road, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

7.Visit Beedelup Falls

I have to admit, I love this walk to Beedelup Falls because it’s easy and not too long. I mean, with kids in tow sometimes a strenuous hike is not for me! 

To see the falls, take an approximately 300m stroll to the suspension bridge offering beautiful views of the falls. The sound of flowing water is just so relaxing.

If you’re feeling a little fitter or don’t have young kids with you, the Beedelup Loop Walk meanders around the lakeside and through RAC Karri Valley Resort. This is approximately 4.5km of moderate-hard hiking. It’s still mostly shaded, but there’s no facilities along the way (until you return to the resort or carpark) so take ample water and snacks. 

Locals Tip: For full-flowing falls, visit in winter or spring. This is one of the most stunning things to do in Pemberton in winter.

📍Beedelup Falls Address | Off Vasse Highway, Beedelup WA | Google Maps

8.Enjoy The Natural Flavours Of Farm Fresh Truffles

The fascination with Farm Fresh Truffles didn’t catch on for me until a few years ago when I tried the most incredible truffle butter at a luxurious lodge I was staying at. And that was it, I reached the point of no return. Now I’m obsessed.

Truffle is the flowering part of particular fungi but must be paired with a host tree and share resources to become the truffle that we eat. They are sniffed out by very clever truffle dogs and then harvested. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’d love to try some, they are stocked at heaps of local suppliers.

Locals Tip: Shop online to never miss a restock (especially the truffle sea-salt).

9.Go Four-Wheel Driving At Yeagarup Dunes

Our family loves going for a 4WD adventure. We love these 4wd Tracks Around Margaret River but whenever we go to Pemberton we have to explore the epic dunes at Yeagarup.

Allow yourselves a good few hours, but even better if you can spare the whole day as the track in and right down to the beach can take a couple hours depending on conditions. 

You’ll need frequent stops to check tyre pressures, get out of a bog or help a fellow 4WD adventurer so it will definitely take more time than you think you need. Take extra food and water, snatch straps, max tracks, first aid kit and look out for other drivers.

I wouldn’t recommend going solo if you’re not a confident driver in four-wheel drive as some parts of the track can be pretty darn gnarly! It took us three attempts to get up a massive dune last time but our Prado never lets us down. 

Locals Tip: You can camp here, DPAW fees apply, but don’t take your trailer or van on the dunes due to the steep descents and ascents. No dogs allowed.

📍Yeagarup Dunes Address | Yeagarup WA | Google Maps

10.Go For A Kayak Or Canoe On Pristine Rivers and Lakes

Who wouldn’t want to rejuvenate their soul with a tranquil canoe or kayak in beautiful fresh water? There are plenty of accessible launching spots along picturesque lakes and river systems near Pemberton. 

There are tours available at Pemberton Hiking and Canoeing starting at $50 AUD per adult for half day tours.  

Locals Tip: Take a Night Time Canoeing Tour on a full moon and spotlight for nocturnal wildlife in the forest along the river!

11.Catch And Keep Fresh Trout At The Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm

There is SO MUCH FUN to be had at the Old Vasse Trout And Marron Farm! It’s a beautiful, peaceful setting. There is plenty of lake edge to cater to everyone and if you want to catch a Rainbow Trout, you’ll catch a trout. I promise!

If you don’t have the time to catch your own, you can purchase your own whole trout and marron directly from them!

It’s a one-stop shop, you can hire all your gear including fishing rods, then you get your burley and bait and off you go. We took our own rods and tackle last time but honestly, it’s pretty cheap to hire so I’d probably just do that next time, and have some extra room in the car instead!

General consensus is it can take an hour or two to catch a trout (it took us 2 hours, but my friend and family went there and they caught 2 in the space of 10 minutes!) It’s good to have an idea of how many you want as there’s no catch and release so you must purchase what you catch.

Two was enough for us to enjoy a beautiful dinner! And it was great fun for the kids to catch and land them.

Locals Tip: Take picnic things and a rug in case you’re there awhile. There are shaded gazebos and plenty of grass around the dam to sit and enjoy.

📍Old Vasse Trout And Marron Farm Address | 522 Pemberton-Northcliffe Road, Yeagarup WA | Google Maps

12.Relax On A River Cruise

Sit back, relax and enjoy as you cruise from the Karris to the coast on the Donnelly River. Donnelly River Cruises have a courtesy bus pick-up (by arrangement only) from Pemberton and Manjimup, otherwise, you can meet them at Donnelly River Boat Ramp where their cruise departs from.

You’ll cruise the lower part of the Donnelly River, witnessing the ever-changing scenery on your way. You even get to disembark on a sandy beach and go for a stroll along a 2km stretch that is not accessible by vehicle, only boat!

The cruises are half-day and cost $75 AUD per adult. Kids are cheaper. Morning or afternoon tea is also included.

Locals Tip: If you’re going for the afternoon tour, take a bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy on the cruise!

📍Donnelly River Boat Ramp Address | Boat Landing Road, Yeagarup WA | Google Maps

13.Indulge At The Lavender and Berry Farm

Kids Playground, nine flavors of their own ice-cream, berry pancakes and hand-fed alpacas… Do I need to go on? The Lavender And Berry Farm ticks the box for adults and kids Pemberton activities.

The Lavender and Berry Farm is a picturesque property with on-site accommodation, a cafe and gift shop. It’s a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy a couple hours while in Pemberton. 

Locals Tip: Pick up some Lavender massage oil to get the greatest night sleep, ever!

📍Lavender And Berry Farm Address | 174 Browns Road, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

14.Feeling Adventurous? Go Mountain Bike Riding In The Forest

Pemberton and its fantastic forest scenery is perfect for mountain biking. The Pemberton Mountain Bike Park and trail head is just to the north-west of town on Swimming Pool Road. 

There are about 30 km of trails meandering through the forest suitable for a range of riders. At the trailhead there is drinking water and toilets. 

Locals Tip: There’s no bike shop in Pemberton for repairs or parts so arrive prepared!

📍Pemberton Mountain Bike Park Address | Swimming Pool Road, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

15.Grab Lunch At The Bakery

There’s a few dining options in Pemberton but I love Crossings Bakery. In fact, they’re one of the main reasons we make a lot of day trips out to Pemberton!

They offer house made sausage rolls, toasties, sandwiches, pies… and all the usual delectable bakery treats you know and love. They even have a large vegan range!

My kids love the sausage rolls and I had an epic butter chicken curry pie last time we were there, but I’ve tried just about everything and it’s all good.

Locals Tip: I like to check ahead on their Facebook Page that they’re open before making the journey in, because they quite often have unexpected days or weeks off!

📍Crossings Bakery Address | 8 Brockman Street, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

16.D’Entrecasteaux National Park

If you love outdoor activities and exploring a wild stretch of coastline then D’Entrecasteaux National Park is definitely worth the visit! You can go for walks, view stunning rock formations, enjoy beachcombing for treasures along the shore, or maybe get lucky and spot some dolphins or whales. There are also plenty of opportunities to fish and go kayaking in one of the river and inlet systems throughout the park, or at Yeagarup Lake.

There is so much to see and do here, but these are the highlights:

You can also stop at the cute little town of Northcliffe on the way, which will be the last place you can get food and fuel before you get there. Also, be aware that no dogs or pets are allowed here being that it’s a national park.

It costs $15 for a vehicle to enter which you will need to pay at the entrance station.

📍D’Entrecasteaux National Park Address | D’Entrecasteaux Drive, Windy Harbour WA | Google Maps

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Myself and my three oldest kids at a lookout at D’Entrecasteaux National Park!

17.Jaspers Pemberton

Jaspers Pemberton is the perfect destination for anyone looking to indulge in some of the finest whiskeys and bourbons from around the world. Their selection offers something for everyone, whether you’re after classics, rare finds, or cellar-door exclusives. And with their timber bar, leather Chesterfield, pot belly fire, and the fresh air of their unique location on the main street of Pemberton, you can be sure to enjoy a special atmosphere while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

To complement their drink selection, they also offer delicious seasonal fare sourced from local growers. Their menu offers plenty of options for vegetarians and those with gluten allergies, as well as craft beers and fine wines from Pemberton.

With truffles, finger limes, avocados, rainbow trout, olives, marron, berries and hazelnuts just a few of the treats you can find on their menu, Jaspers Pemberton is sure to be an experience you won’t forget!

📍Jaspers Pemberton Address | 23 Brockman Street, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

Best Accommodation In Pemberton

Looking for a great place to stay in Pemberton? These are my top recommendations!


1.RAC Karri Valley Resort

⭐RATING: 8.4/10 – with over 680 positive reviews! | 🌏DISTANCE FROM PEMBERTON: 20km |📍LOCATION: 11342 Vasse Highway, Beedelup WA | Google Maps

I love staying at the RAC Karri Valley Resort because it’s got everything you could possibly need for a family stay, including: 

  • Games Room
  • Animal Feeding
  • Boat / Kayak / Canoe Hire
  • Fishing
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic Areas / BBQ’s

Honestly, this is a place you can stay and not leave. The resort hugs Lake Beedalup with easy access to Beedelup Falls and the loop walk. You can catch trout in the lake and hire everything you need for a fun afternoon on the lake. 

There is an expansive new campground with a camp kitchen and kiosk or there are self-contained family cabins if that’s your preference. I love the log cabins as they are private and cozy with wood fires for winter.

2.WA Wilderness Glamping

⭐RATING: 9.3/10 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM PEMBERTON: 12km |📍LOCATION: Old Vasse Road, Pemberton WA

I love glamping, it’s kind of the middle ground in terms of having the camping experience without the effort to ‘rough it’. 

You can go glamping in Pemberton. WA Wilderness Glamping is brought to you by Pemberton Discovery Tours and is basically a pop up campsite in the forest. All you need to do is show up.

They offer a tailored experience with everything included right down to the bedding or less if you intend to bring some of your own gear. It’s camping, with less effort. Woohoo!

3.Treenbrook Cottages

We really enjoyed Treenbrook Cottages when we stayed here! My kids especially loved the animals in the front paddock!

⭐RATING: 9.1/10 – with over 380 positive reviews! | 🌏DISTANCE FROM PEMBERTON: 5km |📍LOCATION: 12928 Vasse Highway, Pemberton WA | Google Maps

Treenbrook Cottages are family-friendly, self-contained cottages set ‘on the edge of the forest and on the edge of town’. Treenbrook really offers you that home away from home feel with all the modern conveniences you’re looking for including TV/DVD, full kitchen, wood fire and BBQ facilities.

There are walking trails accessible directly from your chalet and the property is close to nearby scenic attractions, wineries, restaurants, lakes and rivers. 


What Is There To Do On A Rainy Day In Pemberton?

There is lots to do on a rainy day in Pemberton. You can visit many Pemberton attractions on a rainy day. The waterfalls flow harder in winter and the forest is still just as beautiful on a rainy day. You can also visit many Pemberton wineries and enjoy the Karri Forest drive. If you’re looking for Pemberton activities for a rainy day there are many suitable bushwalks, just take a raincoat.

What Is Pemberton WA Known For?

Pemberton WA is known for its towering old-growth Karri forests and pristine lake and river systems. Pemberton Western Australia is a small town in the southwest surrounded by National Parks and Forests. Some of the main Pemberton attractions are the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, The Gloucester Tree and Lake Beedelup.

What Should I Pack For Pemberton?

It depends on what time of year you are visiting however Pemberton enjoys mostly mild temperatures year-round. Even in summer, you should take a jacket as it can be cool in the forest amongst the trees. Summer and Spring are the best months for swimming in Pemberton as it can be cold in Winter and Autumn. If you pack for all seasons you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

What Is There Between Albany And Pemberton?

The drive from Albany To Pemberton takes approximately 2.5-3 hours and is approximately 140 km. Depending on which route you take you can visit Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Albany Wind Farm, and the Gap and Natural Bridge on your way.

Summing Up: Things To Do In Pemberton

Well there you have it folks, my 17 top Pemberton WA things to do. There are so many wonderful Pemberton attractions and things to do in Pemberton – there’s a reason it’s one of my favourite places to visit from Margaret River

Whether beautiful natural forest walks are your thing or indulging in cafe treats and wine tastings there’s something for everyone.

Pemberton is a family-friendly destination and a stunning place to visit year-round. There’s always something to do in Pemberton. Even on a rainy day. Get out and explore and then cozy up by a wood fire!

Australia Travel Planning Guide

🚑Should I buy Australian travel insurance?

100% YES! — Australia has “free” healthcare but it’s only for citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners visiting need travel insurance in case anything happens on their visit. I like SafetyWing – their Nomad Insurance starts at just $1.50 USD a day!

🚗Should I rent a car in Australia?

Yes — Renting a car is a necessity in most of Australia! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, and even if you’re staying in a major city, you’ll want to rent a car. If you are visiting Margaret River, it will be even more important that you hire a car, you’ll need it to be able to get around and see all the great attractions and wineries!

🏨What’s the best way to book my Australian accommodation?

My go-to for Australian hotels is Booking.com. Pretty much all registered accommodation use Booking.com (but not necessarily any of the other major booking platforms), and even most of the holiday homes and caravan parks use Booking.com too!

If you’re planning a trip to Australia where you will stay at multiple locations, it’s super handy to have all your accommodation listed in one place, and accommodation owners like Booking.com because it’s easy to contact the guests using the messaging platform if the guest has an international phone number.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!