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Wonnerup Beach: Locals Guide

RATING: 4.7/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 60km |📍LOCATION: Layman Road, Wonnerup WA | Google Maps | ☀️BEST TIME TO VIST: Spring, Summer, Autumn | 💲COST: Free | 🐶DOGS ALLOWED: Yes | 🕰️OPEN: 24 hours | 🚗PARKING: Yes | 🚻FACILITIES: Public toilet, picnic table | 🛣️UNSEALED ROADS: No

Just north of Busselton on Western Australia’s south coast, you’ll find Wonnerup Beach, and trust me when I say that you won’t be able to find a more quiet and secluded beach in the Busselton region. 

As a Margaret River local since 2016, I’ve spent countless hours exploring the beaches in the region, and Wonnerup Beach is one of them. In this post, I’m going to show you the laid-back charm of Wonnerup Beach. It’s a spot where my family and I have spent loads of time just hanging out, fishing, swimming, and soaking in the gorgeous surroundings.

I’ve put this together especially for folks like you, to show how this beach is the perfect mix of chill and fun. I want to make sure your visit is as unforgettable as the amazing scenery you’ll find here.

Wonnerup Beach is great if you want to drive on the beach in your 4WD!

🌏Where Is Wonnerup Beach?

Wonnerup Beach is located in the City of Busselton, 47km south of Bunbury, 7km north of Busselton, 61km north-east of Margaret River and 18km from the townsite of Capel, on the Geographe Bay coast, in between Forrest Beach and Port Geographe.

📍Wonnerup Beach Address: 685 Layman Road, Wonnerup WA | Google Maps

🚗How To Get To Wonnerup Beach?

If you’re heading to Wonnerup Beach from Perth, it’s a 215km drive down Kwinana Freeway, which should take you about 2 hours and 20 minutes without stops.

From Margaret River, it is 61km and will take you about 45 minutes. Head north along Bussell Highway, past Busselton, turn left down Tuart Drive and left down Layman Road, following the road until you reach the main carpark.

🚻Wonnerup Beach Facilities

Being a quiet beach away from town, there’s not much in the way of facilities at this main carpark except for a public toilet, picnic table, a carpark, and 4WD access to the beach. The beach is pet friendly, so you can bring your dog with you as well, just make sure to bring some doggie bags!

There is also a car park down near Captain Baudin Reserve, which has a couple of picnic tables, and this carpark, which only has access to the beach by foot.

I have a more comprehensive list of Best Accommodation in Peppermint Grove Beach if you’d like to see some nearby places to stay.

Nice picnic table to sit under at Wonnerup Beach

👀Things To Do In Wonnerup Beach?

Here are my top three suggestions of things to do in Wonnerup Beach.

If this isn’t enough, read my complete list of Things To Do In Peppermint Grove Beach for a whole stack of ideas! Or, if you’re still looking for things to do, take a day trip to Margaret River and tick off some things to do in Margaret River off your to-do list!

Wonnerup Beach, super close to Busselton and super quiet!

🏕️Wonnerup Beach Camping

Are you wondering can you camp on Wonnerup Beach? Unfortunately, no, it is not permitted to camp on Wonnerup Beach.

Camping or sleeping in your vehicle/caravan overnight in the City of Busselton is not allowed unless you’re staying in a caravan park or have permission from the land owner/residents for private property. This includes all State and National Parks, local reserves, and car parks.

The City of Busselton Rangers often patrols areas that are popular with illegal campers and those found breaking the rules may be fined $100. It is recommended to book a caravan park before arrival so you won’t be left without accommodation. There are many quality camping and caravan parks available in the area, catering to a range of different budgets.

There is one location nearby that you can camp at if you are stuck and need a place for an overnight spot. This is the Tuart Drive SC RV Overnight Parking. This camping site is only for people who have self-contained campers, as there are no trash cans or amenities here. It’s a small area and gets filled quickly, so if you plan on staying the night make sure to come early. The maximum allowed stay here is 24 hours; any longer will result in being asked to leave by the ranger.

If you’re looking for camping or caravanning accommodation, Wonnerup Beach is not the best option. Instead, look into one of the many quality and affordable caravan parks in the City of Busselton. Make sure you book ahead to make sure that you find a suitable place to stay!

View of 4WD track entry to Wonnerup Beach

🚙Wonnerup Beach 4WD Track

Wonnerup Beach is another beach (just like nearby Peppermint Grove Beach and Forrest Beach) where you can drive on the beach, and it’s actually the only one within the City of Busselton.

Vehicles are permitted off-road between the high and low water mark from the boat ramp east to the mouth of the Wonnerup Estuary 4WD, excluding dune and /or vegetated areas (as per the City of Busselton website).

Drivers must observe a maximum speed of 10km/h and exercise extreme caution for the security and peace of all beach occupants. Unregistered Off-Road Vehicles (ORV), such as motorcycles or quad bikes, are strictly prohibited in this area.

There are several access points along Layman Road, but the most used is off the main Wonnerup Beach carpark where the public toilets are. This track is immensely popular considering its proximity to Busselton.

The sand at the mouth of the inlet is especially soft during summertime, so you should deflate your tires to 20 psi or lower for easier driving. Wheel ruts can be tricky if you’re not fast enough, but have no fear – with the adequate speed they are easy to navigate! In winter months, pay close attention as weed banks may lurk beneath the surface of the sand and easily go unnoticed.

To explore more of the coastline, you can journey north along the beach to reach Wonnerup Inlet, and beyond that lies Forrest Beach. Navigating the entrance of the river can prove to be a formidable task, depending on weather conditions and seasonal shifts, so only attempt this if you are experienced.

You can also launch your boat anywhere along this stretch of beach, just use common sense when doing so.

Locals Tip: Remember that to drive on the beach it is 4WD ONLY. Only attempt doing this at your own risk.

For more 4WD tracks around Margaret River, read my Guide To Best 4WD Tracks Around Margaret River.

Sign at entry to Wonnerup Beach

🎣Wonnerup Beach Fishing and Wonnerup-Vasse Estuary Fishing

A perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts, Wonnerup Beach and the adjacent Wonnerup-Vasse Estuary offer a myriad of small fish species to catch.

With the beach and estuary to choose from, you’ll be able to choose a fishing spot that’s perfect for whatever the weather is. Herring, skippy, King George Whiting and tailor can all be caught here.

If you are chasing Mulloway, it could be worth a shot to fish the entrance to the estuary at night.

Experienced divers can explore the reef and dive for crayfish, or if you have access to a boat, you can venture further out and set up some traps.

During the annual salmon run, there are plenty of salmon to be caught here too.

For more fishing spots closer to Margaret River, read my Complete Guide To Fishing Spots In The Margaret River Region.

🏄Wonnerup Beach Surfing

Wonnerup Beach is a great location for your kids to boogie board, but if you are wanting to surf, you’re better off trying some surf locations around Yallingup and Margaret River.

4WD entry to Wonnerup Beach

🏊‍♂️Wonnerup Beach Swimming

If you are looking somewhere for a nice swim, Wonnerup Beach should be your go-to spot – though please keep in mind that it is not usually patrolled by lifeguards. Therefore, make sure you’re careful when taking a swim at this unsupervised beach for optimal safety and enjoyment.

🐶Is Wonnerup Beach Dog-Friendly?

Yes, you can bring your pup along to Wonnerup Beach! Dogs are allowed off-lead on Wonnerup Beach all year round, just remember to clean up after them. There are also other dog-friendly beaches in the area that you can try too.

❤️Why You Will Love Wonnerup Beach

Want a location a short distance from Perth, where you can have a relaxed holiday by the beach, but still be close enough to the attractions of Margaret River? Wonnerup Beach is the perfect spot!

You’ll love the stunning views, the soft sand, and the shallow waters in the estuary. Plus, with a mix of activities available, from fishing to swimming to beach walks – you can make sure everyone has something fun to do.

Wonnerup Beach on a perfect summers day!

⭐Wonnerup Beach Reviews

One of our favorite beaches. Rarely populated, perfect for your dog walk.” – Stephen

So good can get on the beach with hard tyres.” – Kyle

Wrapping Up: Wonnerup Beach

There’s no denying that Wonnerup Beach is a quiet beach away from town. Even though it’s not as close to Margaret River as other spots, its tranquil atmosphere makes it a great spot for fishing, swimming and walking your dog. 4WD access is also available if you want to take your vehicle out on the beach and explore!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your car and head over to Wonnerup Beach today!

Australia Travel Planning Guide

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🚗Should I rent a car in Australia?

Yes — Renting a car is a necessity in most of Australia! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, and even if you’re staying in a major city, you’ll want to rent a car. If you are visiting Margaret River, it will be even more important that you hire a car, you’ll need it to be able to get around and see all the great attractions and wineries!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!