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Meekadarabee Falls: Locals Guide

RATING: 3.7/5 | 🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 13km |📍LOCATION: Wilyabrup WA | Google Maps | ☀️BEST TIME TO VIST: Winter, early spring | 💲COST: Free | 🐶DOGS ALLOWED: No | 🕰️OPEN: 24 hours | 🚗PARKING: Yes | 🚻FACILITIES: Toilet at Ellensbrook Homestead | 🛣️UNSEALED ROADS: No

Meekadarabee Falls is a beautiful and historic attraction located just 14km from the town center of Margaret River in Western Australia. The falls are fed by the Ellen Brook, as it flows down from the nearby hills continuing its way towards the coast. 

Meekadarabee Falls are of historical significance to the local Wadandi people, as it is known to them as ‘the bathing place of the moon,’ and there is an interesting legend about the small waterfall and the cave behind it.

Visitors can take in the stunning scenery of Ellenbrook Beach from the nearby car park, learn about the history behind Ellensbrook Homestead, and then walk to the falls, which is an easy 2km walk, especially beautiful in spring when the wildflowers are blooming. It is also a great spot to stop for morning or afternoon tea if you are walking the Cape to Cape Track.

If you are looking to see a waterfall closer to the town of Margaret River, that doesn’t involve any hiking, check out our guide on Yalgardup Falls, which is just a 4km drive from the center of Margaret River and you can get insta-worthy pics from the side of the road!

There is also Quinninup Falls, which is a 30km drive north of Margaret River, and a challenging 4km return hike to see.

As a Margaret River local since 2016, I have been out to Meekadarabee Falls several times, and sent quite a few guests of the motel I used to own here, so you can trust this detailed guide on Meekadarabee Falls in Margaret River!

Your Complete Guide to Meekadarabee Falls

How To Get To Meekadarabee Falls

If you are visiting Meekadarabee Falls, head north along Caves Road and then turn left down Ellen Brook Road and follow the road until you reach the car park on the left hand side, near Ellensbrook Homestead.

Tips For Visiting Meekadarabee Falls

There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Meekadarabee Falls:

  • Meekadarabee Falls is a very modest waterfall. Please don’t be disappointed that it’s not as large as other waterfalls, and that it might not even be flowing. It’s still a nice place to stretch your legs and learn about the history of the area!
  • Meekadarabee Falls is located in a bushland area, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and be mindful of the native plants and animals in the area.
  • While you are here, check out Ellensbrook Beach if you’re into surfing. It is famous for having four breaks, the Womb, Ellenbrook Bombie, Ellenbrook Mainbreak, Slingshots and Sucky Lefts. I cover my Best Surf Spots In Margaret River if you are interested in learning about other places you can go surfing in Margaret River.
  • Don’t forget to take plenty of water and sun protection, especially on a hot day.
  • While you’re here, consider visiting Ellensbrook Homestead as it has some really special history to the Margaret River Region. It’s not always open, but if it it, it has a small entry fee. As of the time of writing, it is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am until 4pm. You can check the current opening hours here.
  • Remember to adhere to the Leave No Trace principles. Dispose of waste properly, don’t take any flowers or nature home with you, pick up any rubbish you find, and look after the surrounding area as best you can.

Is Meekadarabee Falls Suitable For Kids?

Yes, the track to Meekadarabee Falls is suitable for kids and all ages, as it is paved for wheelchair access. It is a great walk for kids in terms of teaching them about the history of the area, and it almost feels like you are walking into an enchanted fairy forest – the kids will love it!

How Long Does Meekadarabee Falls Take?

Allow at least an hour to visit Meekadarabee Falls, 15 minutes to walk in, 10 minutes to look around, 15 minutes to walk out, and then some time to look at Ellensbrook Homestead and Ellensbrook Beach.

Are There Toilets At Meekadarabee Falls?

No, there are not toilets located at Meekadarabee Falls themselves, however, there is a toilet at Ellensbrook Homestead, and the Ellensbrook Campsite.

There are also public toilets nearby either in Margaret River town, near the Coles Car Park, or out at Surfers Point, near the main car park.

 Is Meekadarabee Falls Dog-Friendly?

No, you cannot take your dog to Meekadarabee Falls as it falls within the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, and dogs are not allowed in National Parks in WA. We have this great list of Dog-Friendly Activities In Margaret River if you’re looking for other things to do while visiting Margaret River with your dog!

What Else Should I Know About Meekadarabee Falls?

Meekadarabee Falls is a beautiful natural attraction that is well worth a visit if you are in the Margaret River area. 

Just remember that Meekadarabee Falls is a place of great importance to the local Wadandi People, so stay on the track, be respectful, and don’t disturb any native plants or animals. This ensures that the Falls will be there for generations to come!

Wrapping Up: Meedarabee Falls

Be sure to keep the above tips in mind when planning your trip, and you’re sure to have a great time at Meedarabee Falls!

Australia Travel Planning Guide

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🚗Should I rent a car in Australia?

Yes — Renting a car is a necessity in most of Australia! If you want to go on road trips or adventures outside of the major cities, and even if you’re staying in a major city, you’ll want to rent a car. If you are visiting Margaret River, it will be even more important that you hire a car, you’ll need it to be able to get around and see all the great attractions and wineries!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!