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6+ Busselton Beaches: Complete Locals Guide

Looking for the perfect Busselton beaches to soak up some sun, surf, or just relax on the sand? You’re in the right place!

As a Margaret River local since 2016, I’ve spent countless hours exploring the shores of Busselton with my husband and our five kids, who just can’t get enough of the water.

In this post, I’ll guide you through the best beaches in Busselton, each offering its unique charm.

Whether you’re after family-friendly spots, serene retreats, or ideal surfing conditions, I’ve got all the insider tips to make your beach day in Busselton absolutely unforgettable.

🏆Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my top picks, depending what you are specifically looking for:

👶Best for young kids to have a splash: Busselton Foreshore

🎣Best for fishing: Peppermint Grove Beach

🚙Best for 4WDing: Forrest Beach

📸Best for photos: Busselton Foreshore

Overcast summer view of Peppermint Grove Beach, with calm grey skies meeting the serene waters, and the sandy shore gently curving into the distance, one of the popular Margaret River beaches on offer.
Peppermint Grove Beach on a summers day

Busselton Beaches

1. Peppermint Grove Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Peppermint Grove Beach

✅Located in the Shire of Capel, 26km north of Busselton (but totally worth the drive as there are lots of things to do in Peppermint Grove Beach!)

✅Carpark is close to the beach, but also has 4WD access, meaning you can drive on the beach here.

✅Pet-friendly (find some pet-friendly accommodation in Peppermint Grove Beach)

✅Features conveniently located public toilets, picnic area, BBQs and children’s playground for family enjoyment.

✅If anything is forgotten, a small shop is available at the Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park.

🏖️Summary: Awesome beach, especially for kids as it looks over the calm waters of Geographe Bay, and you can drive on the beach, just a shame it’s so far away from Margaret River.

Scenic image of Forrest Beach with Australian bush bordering the pristine shoreline, turquoise ocean waves gently rolling in, under a blue sky.
Forrest Beach

2. Forrest Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Forrest Beach

✅Situated 19km north of Busselton, providing a quiet beach escape.

✅Offers basic facilities, including a long-drop toilet and a carpark.

4WD access to the beach, perfect for beach driving enthusiasts.

✅Excellent fishing opportunities with herring, skippy, sand whiting, and tailor all being caught here.

✅For divers, the nearby reef is abundant with crays.

🏖️Summary: Forrest Beach is a quiet, pet-friendly beach with basic facilities, 4WD access, and boasting excellent fishing opportunities, cray-filled reefs for divers, and a rich annual salmon run. I like it here 🙌

Picnic area overlooking the dunes and clear waters of Busselton beaches with a bright blue sky above.
Wonnerup Beach is a lovely, quiet beach close to Busselton

3. Wonnerup Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Wonnerup Beach

✅Basic facilities include a public toilet and a picnic table at the main carpark

✅4WD access directly onto the beach

Pet-friendly beach

✅Ample carpark space and parking is close to the beach

🏖️Summary: Just 7km north of Busselton, Wonnerup Beach is perfect for 4WD beach driving, picnics, and peaceful walks with my dog, despite the minimal facilities at the main carpark.

Moody skies over the calm inlet at Busselton beaches, with a protective breakwater and coastal vegetation.
This is Port Georgraphe. There is a cute little playground just where I’m taking this photo from, and as you can see, it’s a very protected piece of water.

4. Port Geographe


♥️Why You Will Love Port Geographe

✅ Nature-based playground with a wheelchair-accessible roundabout

✅Toilets, picnic tables and BBQs

✅Safe for fishing with small kids (although I can’t guarantee you’ll catch anything!)


🏖️Summary: Not exactly a beach like the others on this list, but I like the Port Geographe Foreshore and Playground for small children, as it’s really safe for kids with the playground and the sheltered water.

Gloomy weather over the iconic Busselton Jetty extending into the sea, with a lush park area in the foreground.
The one and only Busselton Foreshore featuring Busselton Jetty!

5. Busselton Foreshore


♥️Why You Will Love Busselton Foreshore

✅Home to a variety of cafes and restaurants, as well as the Busselton Jetty.

✅Offers an extensive stretch of white sandy beach, as well as being known for its safe swimming conditions, enhanced by a seasonal swimming enclosure and a permanent swim jetty.

✅Features the Busselton Skate Park, ideal for board, bike or scooter enthusiasts.

✅Boasts three playgrounds, including the shipwreck adventure playground (hand down my kids’ favourite playground in the region!) and a toddler-friendly train-themed playground.

✅Provides plenty of shaded picnic areas equipped with public BBQs and seating, as well as toilets and shower facilities.

🏖️Summary: We have spent soooo much time here. It’s a really great facility! Grab a coffee, some take-away chips, and find a nice place under the shady trees while your kids wear themselves out on the playground! It’s also a really nice, safe place to swim, although the parking is a little far away if you have a lot of gear to take to the beach (like me!)

Child standing on the shore of Busselton beaches, looking out at the calm sea on a clear day.
Lots of spots to swim at the beach along Siesta Park and Toby Inlet.

6. Siesta Park And Toby Inlet


♥️Why You Will Love Siesta Park and Toby Inlet

✅Hidden spot off the main roads means these beaches are always pretty quiet.


✅Perfect for swimming and fishing.

✅Great for young kids as it’s very calm.

🏖️Summary: There are a few carparks available along this stretch of beach (just check Google Maps), and all of the beach along here has crystal clear ocean, perfect for swimming and a light fish. Sometimes there can be a bit of washed-up seaweed.

Wrapping Up: Best Beaches Busselton

As we wrap up our journey through the stunning beaches of Busselton, it’s clear that this region has a beach to suit every taste and need. From the tranquil waters perfect for families to the surf spots that will thrill any wave enthusiast, Busselton’s beaches are a true treasure of Western Australia.

Don’t stop here, though! There’s a whole coastline waiting to be explored. Dive into our other posts on beaches in the region to discover more hidden gems and popular spots.

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