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5+ Gracetown Beaches: Complete Locals Guide

Are you searching for the perfect Gracetown beaches to visit? You’re in luck!

Since settling in Margaret River in 2016, my family and I have spent countless hours exploring the picturesque beaches of Gracetown.

In this post, I’ll guide you through the best Gracetown beaches, each offering a unique experience, from spots ideal for families to vibrant surf breaks for the more adventurous. Drawing from my extensive beachside adventures with my husband and our five kids, I’ll share insider tips to help you discover the ideal Gracetown beach that aligns with your desires.

Let’s uncover the coastal gems of Gracetown!

🏆Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my top picks, depending what you are specifically looking for:

👶Best for young kids to have a splash: Gracetown Beach/Cowaramup Bay Beach

🎣Best for fishing: Gracetown Beach/Cowaramup Bay Beach

🏄‍♂️Best for surfing: Huzzas, Lefthanders Beach

📸Best for photos: Huzzas

Gracetown Beaches

1. Honeycombs Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Honeycombs Beach

✅Reach Honeycombs Beach by taking Moses Rock Road, turning left at the T-junction, and proceeding to the Honeycombs car park. A walk over a large sand dune will lead you to the beach.

✅This beach is a small bay with white sand, perfect for sunbathing and exploring rocky areas.

✅It’s a popular spot for fishing, with the chance to catch tailor and herring.

✅Honeycombs Beach is a family-friendly location during summer and features some of the best beach breaks in the area when suitable sand banks are present.

✅With the right conditions and a swell of 1 to 1.5 meters, it’s a safe place for beginner surfers. Be aware, though, in the wrong conditions the waves can dump hard.

A child crouches on the sandy shore of a Gracetown beach, exploring the water's edge where the sea meets a cluster of dark, weathered rocks, with the peaceful ocean extending to the horizon under a sky dotted with fluffy clouds.
There’s some rock formations for the kids to explore at Gracetown Beach too.

2. Gracetown Beach/Cowaramup Bay Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Gracetown Beach/Cowaramup Bay Beach

✅Gracetown Beach is perfect for families, especially those with small children. It’s just a short walk from the large car park to the beach, and there are public toilets available.

✅Ideal for a range of activities, including snorkeling, fishing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

✅The town of Gracetown, located at the southern end of the bay, hosts a general store and café, making it a must-visit spot when in Margaret River.

✅Known as Cowaramup Bay among surfers, it features North Point, renowned as the premier right-hand reef/point break in Western Australia for its power and hollow barrels over rock ledges.

✅On days with swells over 3 meters, it’s recommended for advanced surfers only.

🏖️Summary: This is my pick of beaches close to Margaret River, especially if you have small children! Parking is close to the beach (important if you have heaps of stuff to take to the beach!) and the public toilet is close. Also it’s fun to explore the rock pools and the water is calm.

A peaceful stretch of Gracetown beach reveals clear, shallow waters transitioning into deeper blue, with seaweed-strewn sand leading to a distant headland, all under a gentle sky with drifting clouds.
This is Gracetown Beach!

3. Huzzas


♥️Why You Will Love Huzzas

✅Known as one of the best spots for those learning to surf, Huzzas is located directly out from the “South Point” car park.

✅South Point, on the other side of the bay, is one of the most popular left-point waves in Western Australia, ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

✅One of the few waves in the region protected from southerly winds, with a swell range from 2 to 3.5 meters.

✅Huzzas features a small reef break that rolls over a shallow, weed-covered, rocky ledge close to the shore.

✅Huzzas offers both left and right waves that are typically rolling, not dumping, which provides plenty of time for beginners to get to their feet and learn to balance.

🏖️Summary: Stop here for a photo, it’s a really nice spot to look at the ocean.

4. Lefthanders Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Lefthanders Beach

✅Located on the Ellensbrook coast, Lefthanders is accessed from the southern end of Gracetown, off a dirt track on Salter Drive, past Cobblestones break.

✅Left Handers offers a fairly easy wave, especially compared to the next break to the south, Umbies.

✅The beach can get crowded when the surf is up.

✅Lefties is best in offshore winds from the east and swells from the west southwest, with Autumn being the best time to visit.

✅The location features two benches at the cliff for sitting and enjoying the stunning view of the mist caused by crashing waves.

🏖️Summary: If you’re in the area, this is a beautiful spot to visit for photos. I wouldn’t swim here though, looks a bit rough with lots of rips. You’re better off swimming at Cowaramup Bay.

5. Ellensbrook Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Ellensbrook Beach

✅Ellensbrook Mainbreak is one of the most consistent waves on the coast.

✅Ideal surfing conditions at Ellensbrook occur with a west swell and an offshore wind from the east-northeast.

✅Nearby, Ellensbrook Bombie can produce impressive waves in the 15-20 foot range.

✅Both beaches are unpatrolled, and conditions can change quickly.

✅The ocean can be unpredictable, with dangerous rips potentially occurring.

🏖️Summary: Ellensbrook House is also here, if you fancy learning about history. Tours are available on Sundays and public holidays from 10.30am.

Wrapping Up: Beaches in Gracetown

As we wrap up our exploration of Gracetown’s beautiful beaches, it’s clear that this area offers some of the most picturesque and enjoyable coastal experiences in Western Australia.

But don’t let your beach journey end here! The Margaret River region is dotted with a myriad of stunning beaches, each with its own unique charm. I encourage you to dive into our other posts on beaches in the region to discover more hidden gems and popular spots.

So, keep exploring, and find your next favorite beach destination in our beautiful region!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!