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8+ Dunsborough Beaches: Complete Locals Guide

Are you on the hunt for the best Dunsborough beaches to make your beach day absolutely perfect? Look no further!

Living in Margaret River since 2016, my family and I have become quite the connoisseurs of the Dunsborough coastline, spending endless hours exploring its diverse and stunning beaches.

In this post, I’m excited to share with you the top Dunsborough beaches, each with its unique allure. From peaceful, family-friendly shores ideal for building sandcastles and paddling in the shallows, to hidden coves perfect for snorkeling and vibrant spots where the surfers catch waves at dawn, Dunsborough’s beaches offer a little slice of paradise for everyone.

I’ll guide you through what makes each beach special, the best times to visit, and some insider tips to ensure your beach experience in Dunsborough is as magical as the crystal-clear waters themselves.

So, grab your sunscreen and let’s dive into the beauty of Dunsborough’s beaches!

🏆Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my top picks, depending what you are specifically looking for:

👶Best for young kids to have a splash: Dunsborough Foreshore, Meelup Beach

🎣Best for fishing: Point Picquet

📸Best for photos: Castle Rock, Point Picquet

Calm waters and scattered rocks along the Dunsborough Foreshore, under the clear blue sky.
The Dunsborough Foreshore is a really nice spot especially for kids.

Dunsborough Beaches

1. Dunsborough Foreshore


♥️Why You Will Love Dunsborough Foreshore

✅An amazing location for family outings with a safe beach that’s perfect for young children.

✅Features a beautiful walkway along the beach, making for delightful strolls, especially with your dog, as the majority of the beach here is dog-friendly.

✅Well-equipped with plenty of public toilets and parking.

✅Ideal for a range of water activities, including swimming and kayaking.

🏖️Summary: We like to drive to the end of Bay View Crescent and park on the side of the road to access this beach, although there is plenty of parking and public toilets all along the beach towards Busselton. It’s really safe for kids here, and the water is perfect. I definitely recommend a visit if you have young kids!

Overcast skies above the turquoise waters of Dunsborough beaches, with a lush green park and wooden fence in the foreground.
Old Dunsborough is a very cool beach facility.

2. Old Dunsborough


♥️Why You Will Love Old Dunsborough

✅A lively hub in the summer, featuring a large swimming enclosure and pontoon (seasonal) near the old boat ramp.

✅Boasts a dual-lane concrete ramp for easy boat launching and receiving, free of parking charges but can get busy during nice weather and holidays.

✅Home to a regular coffee van and several food vans on multiple evenings a week.

✅Features a playground for children, grassed area for relaxation, and the possibility of whale and stingray sightings.

✅Regarded as a must-visit location, ideal for families, friends, or solitary visitors.

🏖️Summary: We’ve really enjoyed visiting here with the kids as well. We’ll grab some takeaway food from Dunsoborugh, and come down to the park here to eat it, then the kids have the best play on the playground or go exploring the rocks. I like the shady trees and the plentiful parking.

Cloudy sky over the peaceful Old Dunsborough Beach with beachfront houses nestled among trees.
Another view of Old Dunsborough

3. Castle Rock


♥️Why You Will Love Castle Rock

✅Located on the calm and tranquil eastern side of Cape Naturaliste, and features impressive rock formations, including Castle Rock to the east and Sail Rock to the west.

✅Ideal for various activities such as fishing, swimming, surfing, or simply appreciating the beauty of nature.

✅Well-equipped with public toilets and gas barbecues for convenience.

✅Popular with tourists due to the photogenic Castle Rock, providing fantastic photo opportunities, especially at dawn or dusk.

✅There is also some nice walking trails around here, and you can make the short climb up the top of Castle Rock for some incredible views!

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Vibrant beach day at Dunsborough with clear turquoise waters, people paddleboarding, and a surf rescue sign in the foreground.
Meelup Beach is one of the more well-known beaches in the region.

4. Meelup Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Meelup Beach

✅Situated in the stunning Geographe Bay, Meelup Beach is a picturesque haven with its beautiful white sand and clear turquoise waters.

✅Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer months, making it a safe place for young children.

✅Perfect for a range of activities such as swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

✅Shaded grass areas provide an ideal spot for picnics, with public toilets, change rooms and showers, BBQs, and picnic tables available for public use.

🏖️Summary: Beautiful, sheltered beach, perfect if you have young kids. Large range of amenities and parking is super close. I definitely recommend stopping in here – with the caveat that it can get really busy here, so I would personally avoid it around the summer school holidays and find a quieter beach closer to Eagle Bay.

Secluded stretch of the Dunsborough beach known as Point Picquet, with rocky formations leading into the clear blue waters, under a bright blue sky.
Point Picquet and you can see Eagle Bay in the background. Such an awesome stretch of beach.

5. Point Picquet


♥️Why You Will Love Point Picquet

✅Picturesque and quiet, the beaches along here are suitable for swimming, though be mindful of rocks that may require navigating to reach the shore.

✅It’s an excellent spot for fishing, with herring available all year round, and salmon during the right season.

✅A prime location for whale watching during migration season.

✅Safe and protected for young children.

🏖️Summary: I tell tourists to Margaret River that they should drive between Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach and just find a nice-looking beach, park their car and enjoy! There are quite a few along this little stretch, and it’s one way to guarantee having a stretch of beach to yourself.

Tranquil waters and cloudy skies at Dunsborough beaches, with distant sailboats and buoys dotting the horizon.
Geographe Bay has really beautiful, calm waters

6. Eagle Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Eagle Bay

✅Eagle Bay Beach, part of the protected Eagle Bay Special Purpose Zone, boasts stunning white sand and usually isn’t too crowded.

✅It’s a fantastic beach for swimming, particularly for families with children, due to its typically calm and safe waters.

✅Eagle Bay makes for a perfect picnic spot, with public toilets and outdoor showers available across the road, as well as a children’s playground.

✅The beach, which faces north, provides calm and clear water for swimming, making it a top choice for a relaxing day out.

✅It’s also a dog-friendly area from the north part near the Eagle Bay Boat Ramp. Remember to follow signage, clean up after your pet, and be mindful of other people and wildlife on the beach.

🏖️Summary: I love Eagle Bay! It’s generally quieter than Meelup Beach, and the waters are calm and protected so perfect for my kids. They also enjoy playing on the little park here.

7. Bunker Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Bunker Bay

✅Bunker Bay is an ideal beach for activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, or just relaxing under a beach umbrella.

✅As one of the few north-facing beaches in Western Australia, it offers a unique location for beachgoers.

✅You can expect to catch a variety of fish here, including herring, whiting, and skippy.

✅Located just a 49-minute drive from Margaret River, the beach comes with amenities like public toilets, showers, and a café that overlooks the water.

✅The northern part of Bunker Bay Beach is dog-friendly.

🏖️Summary: Nice beach here, I like getting a coffee at Bunkers Beach House and going for a walk along this pretty beach!

8. Shelley Cove


♥️Why You Will Love Shelley Cove

✅Shelley Cove is a cozy, sheltered bay with a sandy beach that spans about 100 meters.

✅As a neighbor to Bunker Bay, this little protected cove provides opportunities for fishing, swimming, and snorkeling.

✅Fishing enthusiasts often frequent the rocky headland to the southeast (on the Dunsborough side of the cove).

✅While it’s a stunning snorkeling spot for older kids and adults, note that the water can get rough and cold.

🏖️Summary: This is more of a bay suitable for older kids and adults, so to be honest I haven’t spent much time here. Lots of people have told me it’s a hidden secret kind of beach, so if you’re in the area you might as well take a look!

Wrapping Up: Best Beaches in Dunsborough

It’s clear that Dunsborough’s beaches are a true highlight of the region. Each beach we’ve explored today has its own unique charm and character, promising unforgettable experiences whether you’re lounging under the sun, playing in the gentle waves, or seeking out underwater adventures. My family and I have cherished every moment spent on these shores, and I’m confident you will too.

But why stop your coastal exploration here? The Margaret River region is dotted with a myriad of stunning beaches, each waiting to be discovered. I invite you to dive into our other posts on beaches in the area. From secluded bays to bustling beachfronts, there’s so much more to see and experience. So, continue your beach exploration with our guides and find your next favorite spot along our beautiful coastline!

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