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11+ Augusta Beaches: Complete Locals Guide

Searching for the perfect Augusta beaches to visit? You’ve come to the right place!

Since my family and I moved to Margaret River in 2016, we’ve spent countless hours exploring the diverse beaches of Augusta.

In this post, I’m excited to share with you the hidden gems and popular spots of Augusta’s coastline. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax, a safe place for the kids to play, or a scenic area to enjoy nature, Augusta’s beaches have something special for everyone.

Join me as we dive into the best beach experiences Augusta has to offer!

🏆Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my top picks, depending what you are specifically looking for:

👶Best for young kids to have a splash: Hamelin Bay, Flinders Bay

🎣Best for fishing: Hamelin Bay, Cosy Corner, Dead Finish

🚙Best for 4WDing: Boranup Beach

🏄‍♂️Best for surfing: Boranup Beach

📸Best for photos: Hamelin Bay, Flinders Bay

An aerial view of the serene and expansive Augusta beaches, where the brilliant turquoise of the Indian Ocean meets the pristine white sands of the coastline, bordered by lush greenery under a clear blue sky.
View of Boranup Beach from the sky!

Augusta Beaches

1. Boranup Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Boranup Beach

Boranup Beach, one of the longest beaches in the Margaret River Region, boasts 7.8km of white, sandy coastline.

✅You can drive along a significant portion of the beach, but be aware of sections that get too close to the water, where you might need to turn back.

✅Soft sand in winter and close to the water requires lowering your tire pressures, so take care to avoid getting stuck on this remote beach.

✅Excellent fishing opportunities await, with plenty of Herring, Tailor, Skippy, and even Mulloway in the deeper channels. It’s also a great spot during the annual Salmon run.

✅While swimming is possible, extreme caution is advised due to serious rips and undertows. Remember, it’s a remote and unpatrolled beach, so help could be far away in case of an emergency.

Weathered wooden posts, the remains of the old jetty, stand sentinel on the edge of the crystal-clear waters of Hamelin Bay, with a lone seagull perched on the white sand, creating a tranquil scene against the backdrop of a vivid blue sky.
Hamelin Bay is super photegenic.

2. Hamelin Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Hamelin Bay

✅Hamelin Bay is a must-visit location with its bright white sand, turquoise waters, and spectacular coastal cliff walks.

✅The sheltered bay offers great swimming, snorkeling, and fishing opportunities. Divers can also explore a nearby shipwreck.

✅Stingrays are often seen near the shoreline. Remember, these are wild creatures, so maintain a respectful distance and do not touch, feed, or disturb them.

✅The beach in front of the caravan park offers fishing opportunities for herring, squid, skippy, king george whiting, and sometimes jumbo tailor & mulloway.

✅Facilities at Hamelin Bay include a caravan park, a small shop, public toilets, and a boat ramp.

🏖️Summary: This is an excellent beach for kids to swim at, but it’s fun any time of year to see the stingrays. The old, fallen-apart jetty makes for a great photo here as well, so make sure you bring your camera.

The untouched beauty of the Augusta beach, Foul Bay, is captured in this image, where a stretch of white sandy beach scattered with seaweed and rocks leads to the serene turquoise waters, with hints of distant headlands under a soft blue sky.
Foul Bay is a very quiet place to go and not many people know about it.

3. Foul Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Foul Bay

Foul Bay, also known as “Stinkies” to locals, is a diverse and beautiful bay in the Margaret River Region, Western Australia.

✅This bay is excellent for swimming, surfing, fishing, and hiking.

✅One of the trails leads to Foul Bay Lighthouse, a lesser-known lighthouse compared to Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouses.

✅The fishing is great, with herring, tailor, skippy, and even mulloway found in the deeper channels. It’s also a great spot for catching salmon during the annual run.

✅Caution is advised when swimming at Foul Bay due to potential strong currents and rips. As it’s an unpatrolled beach far from help, ensure you take the necessary safety precautions.

A secluded section of Augusta beaches, known as Cosy Corner, is framed by lush green hills, with the pristine white sand coastline curving gently into the distance and the clear blue waters of the ocean lapping at the shore, under a bright, sunny sky.
Cosy Corner Beach, near the entrance to Deepdene Beach

4. Cosy Corner


♥️Why You Will Love Cosy Corner

✅Cosy Corner Beach is typically sheltered and perfect for swimming.

✅This is an ideal spot for diving if the weather permits and you’re up for carrying heavy scuba gear down a steep path.

✅The beach features a variety of landscapes including gutters, holes, channels, reefs, weed beds, and long sandy stretches – all excellent places for fish.

✅During the salmon season, the fish are so close to shore, you could almost catch them by hand!

✅Yellowtail kingfish and Samson fish often roam the shores in small groups, eager to bite on live baits, lures, and dead baits.

🏖️Summary: Cosy Corner is an excellent place to take the family, where everyone can fish and swim. The only thing working against it, is the long path up and down!

Vehicles parked on the soft white sands of an Deepdene Beach offer a sense of adventure, with the expansive shoreline leading into the distance, the ocean's waves gently breaking, and a sky painted with wispy clouds.
Deepdene Beach, with fisherman in the background

5. Deepdene Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Deepdene Beach

✅To access Deepdene Beach, follow Cosy Corner Road from Caves Road and take the second left onto a 4WD track, which is shared with the Cape to Cape Track for a few hundred meters – caution is advised.

✅The 4WD track is narrow and might scratch your vehicle.

✅Deepdene Beach has very soft sand, so make sure your vehicle has high clearance and reduce tire pressure to at least 12PSI for a safe drive.

✅During the salmon season, schools of fish often travel close to shore, making them easily accessible.

✅The beach is packed with features like gutters, holes, channels, reefs, weed beds, and sandy stretches – all perfect for fishing.

🏖️Summary: Only those with significant 4WD experience should attempt this. Ensure you’re equipped with the appropriate recovery gear and are journeying with a companion vehicle. Numerous vehicles have become trapped in this soft sand, including ours… perhaps… haha!

6. Quarry Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Quarry Bay

✅Quarry Bay is a U-shaped, west-facing bay, 200m long.

✅Access is easy, thanks to a gravel road off the Skippy Rock road that leads to a car park at the back of the beach.

✅Quarry Bay has a unique history – limestone was extracted here for the construction of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse just a few hundred metres away.

✅This beach is generally suitable for swimming near the shore, though sometimes there might be significant seaweed.

✅We have enjoyed fishing here before, although we did pull in a bit of weed.

7. Ringbolt Bay

🌏DISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 50km |📍LOCATION: X, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

♥️Why You Will Love Ringbolt Bay

✅Ringbolt Bay is a hidden gem, tucked away off Leeuwin Road; reach it via a rugged track – not suitable for standard vehicles.

✅A convenient car park is available at the end of the track. Steps lead down to a compact, sandy beach, protected by the granite outcrop of Point Matthew.

✅Besides being a top-notch fishing spot, it’s a safe, lovely location for a summer swim.

✅The beach features a mix of rocks, sand holes, channels, weeds, and reefs – a dream for any fishing enthusiast.

✅It’s known as a garfish hotspot, where large specimens can be caught year-round. King George Whiting, herring, and skippy are frequently caught here as well.

🏖️Summary: We’ve fished here plenty of times. Nice spot 🎣

Children wade and play near the water's edge on an Augusta beach, Dead Finish, with natural black rocks embedded in the sand, under a sky dotted with cotton-like clouds, offering a snapshot of family moments by the sea
Dead Finish is great

8. Dead Finish


♥️Why You Will Love Dead Finish

✅Dead Finish, located in Augusta, WA, was once a bustling spot for commercial fishing boats, now it’s a peaceful, secluded beach, partially blocked by large boulders.

✅There’s a jetty specifically designed for use by people with disabilities, ensuring inclusive beach fun.

✅The beach is a haven for anglers, offering a wide range of fish including whiting, bream, flatheads, herring, tailor, and salmon.

✅Take a stroll north along the beach to spot a significant sand channel through the reef areas, acting like a funnel for sea life. Expect to see bronze whaler sharks swimming close to shore.

🏖️Summary: My kids enjoy playing on the beach here, and exploring the rocks. Parking is really close so we like to fish with the kids here as well, although we’ve never caught much good.

A wooden staircase leads down to the inviting clear waters of an Augusta beach, Granny's Pool, framed by rock formations that create natural pools, with a 'No Dogs' sign reminding visitors of the sanctuary's rules under a sky dotted with fluffy clouds.
Granny’s Pool is a cool protected spot.

9. Granny’s Pool


♥️Why You Will Love Grannys Pool

✅Enclosed by an ocean outcrop that breaks southerly swells, the beach offers calm, blue waters in a stunning coastal setting.

✅This family-friendly beach is perfect for hunting for crabs, snorkeling in the shallows, and relaxing under shade trees.

✅It’s typically quiet, never crowded, making it ideal for tranquil beach days.

✅Excellent spot for snorkeling, especially for children, with many fish found around the rocks.

✅Conveniently located near Flinders Bay, it’s a short walk or drive to nearby facilities like toilets.

🏖️Summary: I love Augusta, so I might be biased, but definitely stop here for a gander on your way past 🥰

A tranquil view of Flinders Bay in Augusta, where a grassy shoreline adorned with rocks and seaweed leads to a calm sea, with a jetty extending into the water and a boat moored nearby, all under a dynamic sky of scattered clouds.
Flinders Bay is really one of my favourite places in the world!

10. Flinders Bay


♥️Why You Will Love Flinders Bay

✅Flinders Bay is a fantastic, frequently visited beach, perfect for a family outing.

✅Two picturesque jetties, extensive shady trees, and free gas BBQs elevate the beach experience.

✅On-site amenities include picnic tables, outdoor showers, public toilets, and an engaging playground for kids, known to us as the Pirate Park (this is probably not the official name!).

✅The beach is safe for swimming, even suitable for kids, and is a popular spot year-round, even during winter.

✅We have seen whales here during winter.

🏖️Summary: This is probably my favourite beach in the Margaret River Region. It’s an ideal spot year-round for a picnic/fish and chips, as the shelter provides wind protection, the kids love the playground, there’s a fun old peppy tree to climb, there’s a funny little creek to explore, there’s heaps of parking, it’s a really nice and safe beach to swim at, and the view is as good as it gets! Go here!

The rustic charm of Jay's Beach in Augusta is marked by a simple green barrier with the beach's name, leading the eye to the rocky shoreline and gentle waves, set against the vast expanse of the ocean and a clear blue sky with scattered clouds.
As you can see, Jays Beach can get a bit of weed on it , but it’s still a nice place to watch.

11. Augusta Dog Beach/Jays Beach


♥️Why You Will Love Augusta Dog Beach

✅I count Augusta Dog Beach (not it’s official name by the way, just what we call it) all the way from the mouth of the Blackwood River at the Colourpatch around to Flinders Bay.

✅Drive along Albany Terrace and you’ll find heaps of places to pull over and park, and either watch the ocean from your car or get out and walk around.

✅I often see windsurfers and regular surfers here, when the conditions are right.

✅I wouldn’t swim here, only because Flinders Bay and Granny’s Pool are nicer.

✅Dogs are allowed off-leash along here, from the Rivermouth down to Flinders Bay Caravan Park.

🏖️Summary: This is a nice beach for a walk, although it can get weedy. The kids enjoy exploring around the rocks. We like sitting in our car and eating fish and chips and just watching!

Wrapping Up: Beaches In Augusta

As we conclude our journey through the beautiful beaches of Augusta, it’s evident that this area offers a diverse array of coastal experiences to suit every preference. Augusta’s beaches are a true testament to the natural beauty of Western Australia. My family’s numerous beach days here have shown us just how special and varied these shores can be.

But the adventure along the coast doesn’t have to end here. The Margaret River region, boasts an incredible selection of beaches, each with its own unique charm and appeal. I encourage you to continue exploring our blog for more insights on these stunning beaches.

Whether you’re seeking more hidden gems or popular coastal destinations, our posts are filled with valuable information to guide your next beach adventure. So, dive into our other beach guides and keep the spirit of exploration alive!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!