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7 Best Baby Shop Margaret River Region (Locals Guide 2024)

Are you wondering where the best baby and kids shops are in Margaret River and the wider region?

We are fortunate here in Margaret River to have some beautiful, locally owned businesses that know their baby brands and pride themselves on delighting customers.

And, as I am a mother to 5 sons, and have lived in Margaret River since 2016, I know all the ins and outs of all the kids shops in the Margaret River region, as I always try to spend my money in local boutiques as opposed to big box stores.

So, would you like to find out where I rate as the best kids and baby store in the Margaret River region?

kid baby shop margaret river

Best Baby Shop Margaret River

1.Margaret River Rascals, Margaret River

โญRATING: 4.9/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 500m |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 3/129 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

Also known as Little Rascals Margaret River, this is my absolute number one stop for all things baby and children! Stella of Margaret River Rascals has carefully sourced all your favourite brands and brought them to one treasure trove store centrally located in Margaret River town. Walking in to this wonderful business is a feast for the eyes, I’d recommend sending hubby for a beer so you have all the time you need to shop.

Margaret River Rascals stock the most beautiful toys and books and so many other wonderful gift ideas. Leather shoes, sandals, sun hats, bottles, bibs, your favourite clothing labels, the list goes on!

Margaret River Rascals clothing range is extensive and diverse! Suiting up to a size 14 so you can absolutely buy for the whole family here.

This wonderful business also offers a helium balloon service with a large selection of balloons to choose from! I know right, what don’t they do!?

They also offer a loyalty discount so if you’re local or will buy online in the future be sure to sign up!

Our top brands stocked here are Bobux, Bedhead Hats, Little Renegade, OB designs,  and Ergo Pouch.

Best Baby Shop Dunsborough

2.Child Boutique, Dunsborough

โญRATING: 4.8/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 47km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 4/216 Naturaliste Terrace, Dunsborough WA | Google Maps

Exactly as the name suggests, Child Boutique is a stunning boutique conveniently located in central Dunsborough. Owned and run by a beautiful local mama the store is well-stocked with gorgeous clothing labels, toys, accessories and gifts.

Something a little unique that sets this store apart is its pre-loved and vintage section. If you have well-kept pre-loved items they will potentially buy them from you or if you’re looking to purchase consciously check out these well-stocked racks first.

Our favourite brands stocked here are Al.ive body, Blythe and Bodhi, Atilla Cubs, Jamie Kay and Mushie.

This store also offers a loyalty discount so be sure to sign up when you make your purchase.

kid baby shop margaret river
Grab some cute toys and baby clothes at a Dunsborough baby shop

3.Coastal Kids, Dunsborough

โญRATING: 4.8/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 47km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 6/56 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough WA | Google Maps

One of our favourites, Coastal Kids has been around for years and is in a great location in Dunsborough with ample parking. This is one of the largest kids stores in the region and has a huge range of clothing, gifts, toys, craft, books and more.

They pride themselves on offering up-market labels that stand the test of time paired with excellent customer service. The friendly team here can help guide you with your purchase decisions and also offer a loyalty program.

Our favourite brands stocked here are Saltwater Sandals, Halcyon Nights, MontiiCo, Miniland, My Little Silver and Wilson and Frenchy.

4.Varda, Dunsborough

โญRATING: 4.7/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 47km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough | Google Maps

A small business with a focus on nurturing you and your family, Varda have carefully selected unique up-market items at an affordable price with a focus on babies and small children.

The perfect place to stop in for a gift before a birthday party, this store has oodles to choose from.

Our favourite brands stocked here are Jellystone, Mizzi Kangaroo, Hevea and Weleda.

kid baby shop margaret river
Pick yourself up some cute baby clothes for the special small one in your life (best baby store Busselton)

5.Mukau Giftware and Gallery, Cowaramup

โญRATING: 4.7/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 11km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 2/69 Bottrill Street, Cowaramup WA | Google Maps

A gorgeous little gift store located in Cowaramup, about 10 minutes north of Margaret River, Mukau Gifts and Gallery is bursting at the seams with the perfect gifts for everyone in your life including yourself.

They have a wide range of baby and children’s items featuring the most beautiful books, nursery decor, and toys.

They are passionate about supporting locals so you’ll find local businesses stocked here as well as carefully sourced items from Australia and around the world. You will be able to get your item beautifully gift-wrapped with a donation made to the local school.

Our favourite brands stocked here are Kiin, Wemightbetiny, Thesomewhereco and Jellycat.

The team here also creates bespoke gift hampers so be sure to enquire if that takes your fancy!

6.Ghanda Clothing, Margaret River and Dunsborough

โญRATING: 4.4/5 |๐Ÿ“MARGARET RIVER LOCATION: 1/144 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | ๐Ÿ“DUNSBOROUGH LOCATION: 2/236 Naturaliste Terrace, Dunsborough WA

Originally founded in Torquay Victoria, Ghanda is a surf and skate brand with a coastal, hippie vibe. Ghanda is a popular shop to pick up a few extra clothing items for your trip down south and cater to babies, children, teens, men and women.

They are most famous for their handprinted trackies, jumpers, and t-shirts but have almost everything you could want including hats, sunglasses, and hair accessories.

Located centrally in both Margaret River and Dunsborough it’s a must-do if you’re shopping down south.

kid baby shop margaret river
It’s always best to support locally owned! (Baby shops Busselton)

Best Baby Shop Busselton

7.Buy for Baby, Busselton

โญRATING: 5/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 47km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 57 Cook Street, Busselton WA | Google Maps

A little further afield but a must-visit for expecting mums and dads is Buy for Baby Busselton. This Busselton baby shop has all the necessities and more! I’m talking the full kit and caboodle, prams, cots, capsules as well as decor and baby gifts.

They offer package deals for your larger purchases and also have a hire service if that’s your preference.

Our favourite brands that are stocked here are tikktokk, Moby, Ziggy Rose Designs and All4Ella.

Wrapping Up: Best Margaret River, Dunsborough And Busselton Baby Shops

Margaret River is home to a selection of exceptional baby shops that cater to the needs of parents and their little ones. Whether you’re seeking high-quality baby products, stylish clothing, or expert advice, these stores offer a wide range of options to choose from.

With their commitment to providing the best for your baby, you can trust that these shops prioritize safety, comfort, and functionality. From adorable clothing and accessories to essential gear and nursery items, Margaret River’s baby shops have you covered.

Explore these wonderful establishments and discover the perfect products for your bundle of joy, ensuring a happy and fulfilling parenting journey.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!