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11+ BEST Margaret River Op Shops + Vintage + Secondhand Books (Locals Guide 2024)

Searching for a unique, budget-friendly shopping experience in the heart of the South West? Or are you just quietly scouring the vintage stores and op-shops in Margaret River for your unicorn? The one item you’ve been waiting to find, vintage treasure!

Op-shopping is a sustainable way to shop, not only breathing life into pre-loved pieces helping them avoid landfill, but also friendly to your hip pocket. The Margaret River Region offers some super cool authentic charity op-shops as well as some more up-market, curated vintage stores.

Having helped countless visitors plan their Margaret River holidays over the years, I can tell you there are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. From vintage finds to upcycled furniture and quirky home decor, these op shops offer more than just clothes. So, stick around to uncover the ins and outs of op-shopping in this vibrant community. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Op Shops Margaret River boasts a variety that caters to all tastes and styles!

Best Margaret River Op Shops

1. Red Cross Shop, Margaret River

โญRATING: 3/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 50m |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 4/111 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

The Op Shop Margaret River scene offers a wide range of treasures you won’t want to miss. Conveniently located in the Main Street of Margaret River, the Red Cross Margaret River is one of the more stylish op-shops in the region. Window Mannequins touched by a little visual merchandising fairy and some more up-market items and you’re sure to spot some designer labels here.

Mostly run by friendly, chatty volunteers this is a feel-good retail experience all round. Stocking a lot of women’s and men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, and homewares you’re sure to find what you need here. When you’re done you’re right across the road from Settlers Tavern, so you can pop over for a drink and a feed at one of our region’s best pubs.

2. The Lions Shed, Margaret River

โญRATING: 4.7/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 2km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 12 Burton Road, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

One Margaret River Op Shop I’d highly recommend is the Margaret River Lions Shed, although, it is not your average op-shop. The Margaret River Lions Shed has a cult following and a crowd gathers every second weekend for their sales. They are only open on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am until 12 noon.

You’d think you’re going to a sold-out gig at Optus Stadium the way the crowd gathers prior but no, it’s just the crowd the Lions Shed pulls. A very affordable way to shop, think $1 clothing items, and $5 furniture pieces, it’s no wonder everyone wants the first bite at the apple. A locals favourite and you’ll genuinely feel the Margs vibe here.

margaret river op shop 6
Margaret River Op Shops provide endless opportunities for finding hidden gems.

3. Vinnies, Margaret River

โญRATING: 3.7/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER:1.2 |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 4/10 Station Road, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

A little off the Main Street, tucked away on Station Road, you’ll find a well-stocked, volunteer-run op-shop. I love Vinnies Margaret River because the staff are so friendly and helpful and their stock is updated weekly.

A favourite with locals, I love their range of homewares, clothing, accessories and children’s items. The range is priced low and moves quickly so if you spot something you love, get it!

4. The Red Cross, Witchcliffe

โญRATING: 5/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 8km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: Redgate Road, Witchcliffe WA | Google Maps

Just down the road from Margaret River, you’ll find the sleepy town of Witchcliffe, with a Red Cross shop that is an authentic, historical, volunteer-run oppy. If you’re willing to venture a bit further, this Witchcliffe Op Shop is another must-visit. The volunteers who give their time here truly appreciate your custom.

There are plenty of women’s and men’s clothing racks to peruse and a change room so you can ensure that 50’s number is the perfect fit. There is also a kid’s clothing room and a selection of toys and household items.

This is a true op-shop experience, not touched by trendy pricing and a fun, sustainable outing. They aren’t open every day so be sure to check their site for up-to-date opening times.

5. Lions Op Shop, Cowaramup

โญRATING: 4.3/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 11km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: Memorial Drive, Cowaramup WA | Google Maps

A little quieter than its Margaret River counterpart, the Lions Shed in Cowaramup is open Thursday – Saturday mornings and offers a peaceful, low-key shopping experience. The shed is located in Pioneer Park, Cowaramup, so grab something from the bakery, and have a lazy breakfast before perusing the Lions Op Shop for a bargain.

They host an eclectic mix of everything you could think of; clothing, art, toys, tools – the list goes on. Run by friendly volunteers, don’t overlook this Cowaramup Op Shop when exploring the region’s second-hand scene.

margaret river op shop 6

Best Vintage Shops Margaret River

6. The Flying Wardrobe Second Hand Store, Witchcliffe

โญRATING: 4.5/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 8km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 10411 Bussell Highway, Witchcliffe WA | Google Maps

A bulging-at-the-seams eclectic treasure trove, The Flying Wardrobe is a destination to give some time to. Located about ten minutes south of town in the quaint village of Witchcliffe this store is home to art, music, clothing, books, crockery, cutlery… even plants!

Give yourself a minute to delve into nostalgia, carefully turning pages; smelling “that old book smell,” you know the one! Reminiscing over plates that look like Nanna’s or vinyl records from yesteryear. A welcoming den of all the things you once loved, this is a store not to be missed.

7. Reborn Code Clothing, Cowaramup

โญRATING: 4.8/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 11km |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 3/64 Bussell Highway, Cowaramup WA | Google Maps

Now we are getting fancy! Reborn Code Clothing know a curated vintage collection like no other… in a perfect spot in the Main Street of Cowaramup, it is a must-visit.

With a focus on sustainability, they’ve carefully sourced the items you wish you could find yourself. Vintage overalls, Levi’s jeans, perfectly tailored blazers… this is genuinely a pre-loved marketplace. Their ethos is “We care about our Earth, don’t let fashion be your trade off” and I am here for it!

8. Yeah, Vintage

โญRATING: 4/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 210m |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 131 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

A fabulous new vintage store called Yeah Vintage has just popped up in Margaret River, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. They’ve got a carefully curated selection for everyoneโ€”ladies, gents, and even the kiddos! The styles range from retro glam to quirky cool, so you’re guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. It’s the perfect spot to discover unique fashion gems that let your personality shine.

margaret river op shop 6

Best Secondhand Book Shops Margaret River

9. The Lost Knowledge Book Shop

โญRATING: 5/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 600m |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 71 Town View Terrace, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

If you’re a bookworm or just someone who appreciates a good read, then you MUST visit The Lost Knowledge Book Shop in Margaret River. Located in the heart of town, this independent bookstore offers a treasure trove of literary delights, spanning genres like history, philosophy, spirituality, and even the arts.

Their shelves are packed with soooooo many second-hand books, giving you the chance to stumble upon rare finds or timeless classics. The staff are also incredibly knowledgeable and ready to guide you to your next favorite read. This place is a real experience and not to be missed!

10. Margaret River Book Exchange

โญRATING: 4.4/5 | ๐ŸŒDISTANCE FROM MARGARET RIVER: 240m |๐Ÿ“LOCATION: 135 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA | Google Maps

Located right in the centre of Margaret River, Margaret River Book Exchange is a paradise for book lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re into thrillers, romance, or non-fiction, you’ll find a fantastic selection of pre-loved books to swap or buy.

The vibe is super friendly, and you’ll feel like you’re among friends. So, go on, give those old books a new home and find some new reads while you’re at it!

Best Online Vintage Shops Margaret River

11. Sunflower Seeds Vintage, Online

Margaret River owned online store, Sunflower Seeds Vintage allows you to continue your treasure trail from home! With a curated collection of vintage, retro, and re-worked pieces, this store will fast become your first stop. Stocking clothing, swim, accessories, and homewares you’re sure to find what you’re after. This store is everything I love about conscious shopping.

margaret river op shop 6

Wrapping Up: Op Shop Margaret River

Now your arms are laden with pre-loved goodies and your soul is happy because you’ve shopped sustainably! Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these Margaret River op shops offer a sustainable way to shop and bring home some one-of-a-kind treasures.

Now that you’re armed with all the insider tips, you’re ready to conquer the op shop scene here in Margaret River. If you discover a cool find or want to share your favorite op shop in the area, I’d love to hear about it.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!