15 Best Takeaway Margaret River (Your Guide For 2023!)

Are you looking for the best takeaway Margaret River?

We get it, you’re on holiday down south and just want a casual night with the best takeaway food in Margaret River. Sometimes it’s just easier, right? 

Whether you want to cosy up by the fire, or just don’t want to take the kids to another restaurant, or perhaps you’re just really craving a pizza on the couch. 

It’s cool, we understand. We’re here to help!

We’ve got the rundown on the best pizza, pasta, curries, Thai, fish and chips – You name it! Margaret River has SO many awesome takeaway restaurants to cater to your every foodie’s desire. 

Best Takeaway Margaret River

1. Thai Tamarind

2. Chang Thai

3.Spice Odysee and the Hidden Kitchen

4. Golden Dragon Chinese

5. Vasse Newtown Chinese

6. The Origin 153

7. Pizzica

8. Southern Crust

9. Peace Pizza

10. Domino’s 

11. Hooked Up Fish n Chips

12. Burger Baby 

13. The Green Room 

14. Augusta Fish and Chips 

15. Squid Lips 


Asian Cuisine

1. Thai Tamarind

Thai Tamarind is an authentic Margaret River Thai restaurant and takeaway located right on the main street in Margaret River town. They offer friendly and fast service and the dishes pack a punch especially if you order extra spicy! This is my top choice if you’re looking for Thai food Margaret River.

Featuring all our favourites including Chicken Pad Thai, Spicy Tom Yum Soup and Duck Penang Curry, Thai Tamarind will give you that taste sensation you need to come back to. 

2. Chang Thai Kitchen

If you’re looking for Thai Margaret River, look no further than Chang Thai! Tucked away on Station Road in Margaret River, Chang Thai is likened to a little hole-in-the-wall Thai you’d find throughout Asia. 

Chang Thai offers cheap specials and all-time favourite dishes including our favourites; Massaman Curry, Pad Ka-pow, and the yummiest Curry Puff for an entree.

Chang Thai is the perfect spot to grab a cheeky special takeaway or dinner for the whole family.


3. Spice Odysee and The Hidden Kitchen

A perfect pair! Food truck and restaurant so no one misses out. The Hidden Kitchen is located in Busselton and the Spice Odysee Food Truck has regular spots in Margaret River and Dunsborough. 

Spice Odysee and the Hidden Kitchen offer authentic Indian dishes by chef Sathish Kumar and his wife combining authentic family recipes with modern cheffing talents. 

The Hidden Kitchen

Spice Odysee can only be found in person at Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 5 pm and at Old Rotary Park, Margaret River Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 pm. 

No preordering! Check out our full guide to the best food trucks in Margaret River here.

4. Golden Dragon Chinese

Golden Dragon Chinese is another little gem tucked away in the main street of Margaret River. We were missing a Chinese takeaway for SO LONG so it was Golden Dragon Chinese to the rescue!

Featuring subtle authentic flavours in dishes you know and love like Chicken Chop Suey, Mango King Prawns, or Beef and Black Bean Sauce you know Golden Dragon will be a crowd-pleaser. 

  • Open Tuesday – Sunday (12:00 pm – 2:30 pm) and (5:00 pm – 9:30 pm)
  • Order online here or via phone at (08) 9758 8688
  • Pick up from 133 Bussell Hwy Margaret River, WA
  • Delivery is offered with a charge. 

5. Vasse Newtown Chinese

Aaaah, spoilt for choice in the Chinese options, aren’t you?! Vasse Newtown Chinese perfectly suits anyone staying a bit north of Margaret River. 

Located in the ever-evolving Vasse Village, Vasse Newtown Chinese is a stand-out in authentic Chinese takeaway.

Vasse Newtown Chinese offers friendly and fast service and an extensive menu filled with all your favourites like Sweet and Sour Pork, Szechuan Beef and Chicken Chow Mein

We will let you in on a little secret here though, no one does Five-Spice Chili Pork Spare Ribs like Newtown Chinese. Drool!

  • Open Tuesday – Saturday (11:30 am – 2 pm) and (5 pm – 9 pm) ex Sun* (5 pm – 9 pm only)
  • Order online here or via phone at (08) 9755 8583
  • Pick up from 6/19 Napoleon Promenade, Vasse, WA.
  • Delivery offered


6. The Origin 153

If Japanese is your jam this is the ultimate takeaway option for you! The Origin 153 offers excellent produce, authentic flavors, and refined complexity that goes hand in hand with all good Japanese.

Their restaurant is conveniently located in Vasse Village and offers superb lunch and dinner options such as Bento Boxes, Teriyaki Chicken and Beef Udon Noodles

They also do HUGE Sushi and Nigiri Platters takeaways for special occasions and to suit private or corporate events.

Italian Cuisine

7. Pizzica

Pizzica is a hidden gem, tucked away underground in Margaret River town but if you’ve ever sought out the best takeaway pizza in Margaret River you’ll know about it. 

Their takeaway menu features our favourite traditional pizzas like a Margherita, Capricciosa, or Parmigiana but it also features SO MUCH MORE! 

I mean Porchetta Sliced (a personal favourite), a Fresh Salad or Grilled Half Chicken as well as an amazing pasta menu… We honestly don’t know how you choose!

8. Southern Crust

Southern Crust is a favourite Margaret River takeaway amongst locals and is tipped to have the best Prawn Pizza in town. They are conveniently located in the town square and offer all your old-time favourites with a little down-south flair. 

The Southern Crust team incorporates local ingredients wherever possible, supporting other small businesses is their jam! Good vibes and speedy service mean you’ll be wandering back to your accommodation with pizza in hand in no time!

9. Peace Pizza

For all our folk staying north of Margaret River, Peace Pizza is a vibing little wood-fired pizza shop in Dunsborough. 

Bringing the chilled-out atmosphere you expect from down south holidays but all the goodness of fresh produce and fast service.

The team is epic pros at flipping pizzas. Our favourites are the Longboard, the James Dean, and the Bob Marley. There’s also an epic selection of sides and salads.

10. Domino’s

Eh, just want a quick, cheap pizza fix? We have Domino’s too! This is my top choice if you’re looking for food delivery Margaret River.

Featuring everything you know and love about Domino’s, like their app, their sides, and their consistent tasting favourites. You won’t be disappointed. 

Be sure to check their deals online first as you’ll likely find an offer to suit your family. 

Yeah they might be a big chain franchise but they’re still local workers and they sponsor grassroots sporting clubs and other local events. No guilt pizza! And, they’re one of the few places to do food delivery in Margaret River.

Burgers or Fish and Chips

11. Hooked Up Fish n Chips

Oh boy! We can’t stop – won’t stop, raving about Hooked Up Fish n Chips. I guess it’s because the community is at the heart and soul of what they do. Local produce is cooked to perfection and offered to the community at the pumping  Surfers Point.

It’s a bit hard to pick favourites from this menu so we will just let you know what they do exceptionally well every time. Battered WA Spanish Mackeral, Fish Taco’s, and Cajun Calamari are our go-to’s. There are vegetarian options and kid meals as well.

12. Burger Baby

Old-school diner vibes serve up more than just a sloppy jo. Burger Baby brings local produce to your takeaway night with full flavour and friendly service. If you’re looking for delivery Margaret River this is a top choice.

A favourite amongst locals because they’re well, yummy, but they also deliver to nearby towns catering to those on the outskirts of Margie’s. 

Burger Baby offers a massive menu featuring the likes of ALL the burger combos you can think of, grilled seafood and meats as well as some epic salads

The menu caters to vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerants and anything else you need, just ask their friendly team.

13. The Green Room

The Green Room is a simple little cafe-style dining room in Margaret River that also offers quick and easy takeaway. Think old corner store style with burgers and chips and other takeaway staples.

I don’t know what the chip seasoning is here but it’s drool-worthy. Fast, cheap, and friendly. Our favourites are ‘The Lot’ Burger, the Chicken Burger, and the traditional Steak Sandwich. Yum.

14. Augusta Fish and Chips

Fresh caught, right off the boat! Wrapped in butcher’s paper and salted to perfection for your PURE ENJOYMENT. An institution of the southwest, Augusta Fish and Chips is the pinnacle of takeaway fish and chips and we’re letting you know about it. 

Formerly Blue Ocean with a cult following (worthy) but since changed owners and branding. It still will not let you down. 

Locally caught Whiting, Shark and Dhu Fish, and the yummiest made in-house tartare sauce culminate in the ultimate in take-away.

You’ll need to visit the nearby town of Augusta to get your hands on this gob-smacking meal but it’s worth it. Do it.


15. Squid Lips

Located smack bang in the town centre of both Dunsborough and Margaret River, Squid Lips is an easy go-to for all your favourite fish and chips takeaways. 

Squid Lips started out with the intention of giving a gourmet twist to traditional fish and chips. You’ll find all sorts of Calamari goodness, Scallops, a huge range of Fish, and some epic side dishes on the menu. 

  • Opening hours vary from store to store so check for up-to-date times here
  • Order in person in Dunsborough or via phone in Margs at (08) 9757 9960
  • See pick-up addresses here
  • Delivery not offered


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So there you have it folks, the best takeaway in Margaret River. 

This should get you through those chilled-out evenings when you’d prefer to stay in your accommodation. 

Maybe mum gets to have a cheeky glass (or two) of wine while dad pops out to pick up the dinner. 

Maybe the kids are playing in the pool or at a playground and you just can’t pull them away. 

Whether you’re cozied up on your couch watching TV or heading down to the coast for sunset there’s a huge selection of takeaway in Margaret River to suit everyone. 

And if you love it? PLEASE give our local businesses a like, a follow, and a tip-top review. 

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