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Hotel Special Request Tips For a Perfect Stay

Understanding hotel special request tips can transform a good stay into a great one.

In this guide, we’ll dive into essential hotel special requests tips, ensuring your needs and preferences are not just heard but met with enthusiasm.

Drawing on 13 years of experience owning a hotel, where I’ve received and fulfilled thousands of special requests, I’ve learned the art of asking in a way that benefits both guest and hotel.

Whether it’s a room with a view or dietary needs, understanding how to communicate your requests can significantly enhance your stay.

And I will just say it now, from the hotels side, I would much rather a guest be upfront and tell me what they like so I can manage expectations from the very beginning. Better this than the guest doesn’t speak up, is unhappy about something we could have easily fixed, and leaves a bad review.

Let’s explore how you can make your next hotel visit perfectly tailored to your desires, which will make you happy and the hotel happy they could make you happy as well!

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Understanding Hotel Special Requests

When booking a stay, your specific needs can often be met with special requests to enhance your comfort and experience.

Definition and Examples

Special requests are specific asks you can make to ensure your stay aligns with your preferences or requirements. Examples include:

  • Room location: You might request a room on a high floor for a better view.
  • Bed types: Whether you prefer a king, queen, or twin beds.
  • Accessibility needs: Such as asking for a room equipped for wheelchairs.

The Role of Special Requests in Guest Satisfaction

Special requests play a crucial role in tailoring your hotel experience to meet your expectations. A successful request can make a significant difference in:

  • Comfort: Ensuring your room has the right amenities.
  • Convenience: Like having a crib provided for a child’s stay.
  • Personalization: Celebrating a special occasion with a bottle of champagne.

By being specific in your requests, you help the hotel provide you with a stay that feels personalized and thoughtful.

Hoteliers Insight: I’ve received all sorts of special requests during my time as a hotel owner. From the romantic – “bottle of wine and bunch of flowers,” to the sensitive – “Please ensure my room isn’t sprayed with any air freshener or synthetic cleaners,” to things like, no steps to get in the room or shower, a range of pillows, a feather down duvet, extra blankets, quiet room, room near the front, etc. I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea!

An inviting hotel room setting with a bottle of red wine and two glasses on a round wicker table, featuring a lush bouquet of native flowers and a Margaret River Motel leaflet, with garden views through the window.

Types of Special Requests

When staying at a hotel, your comfort is paramount. Here’s a breakdown of various special requests you can make to enhance your stay.

Room-Specific Requests

To ensure your room meets your expectations, consider requesting a specific location, such as a room away from the elevators if you’re a light sleeper, or perhaps one with a view. You might also ask for additional pillows or allergy-friendly bedding options.

Dietary Needs

Many hotels cater to guests with dietary preferences or restrictions. Don’t hesitate to inquire about gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan meal options. If you have food allergies, communicate these to the hotel staff in advance to ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

Accessibility Requirements

If you or someone you’re traveling with has mobility challenges, request a room that’s close to the elevator or equipped with accessibility features like grab bars or a roll-in shower. Hotels are generally accommodating, aiming to make your stay smooth and comfortable.

Celebratory Touches

Celebrating a special occasion? Hotels can add celebratory touches like a bottle of champagne, balloons, or a fruit basket to your room. Communicate the event in advance, and they will help make your celebration memorable.

Hoteliers Insight: I will repeat this point because I think it’s important. Hoteliers and hospitality staff are in the business of hospitality. I’d much rather be asked beforehand for something, rather than be left a bad review for something we could have easily fixed. You want something reasonable? Just ask, that’s what we are there for!

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Before You Book

When you’re planning your hotel stay, getting the right room can set the tone for your entire trip. It’s important to carefully consider what you need and educate yourself on what the hotel offers.

Researching Hotels

Start by identifying your priorities for the stay. Are you looking for a quiet room, a great view, or perhaps a room with accessibility features? Utilize review sites and the hotel’s official website to ensure the property can meet your needs. Check out these insights on making special requests at a hotel.

  • Location Preferences: Rooms close to the elevator or on higher floors for a view.
  • Amenities: In-room features like a mini-fridge, safe, or extra bedding.
  • Accessibility: Features for guests with reduced mobility.

Reading Policies

Understanding a hotel’s policies can save you from potential inconveniences. If you have special requests, knowing when and how to make them is key. Some hotels may need an advance email while others manage requests on arrival. Be informed about the hotel’s policy by browsing their FAQs or terms and conditions. Learn more about the hotel booking process and policies.

  • Cancellation Policy: Check how late you can cancel without a fee.
  • Special Request Policy: Know how to submit and when they can accommodate you.
  • Extra Charges: Be aware of any additional costs for special requests.

Hoteliers Insight: For many people with mobility issues, they can’t get into a room with steps, or too many steps, and they definitely need a walk-in shower. We had a few occasions where people hadn’t communicated this to us, and had booked a room with a corner spa, which has an overheard shower (so no walk-in shower). What happened? They complained and we had to move them, which sometimes we couldn’t, which meant they couldn’t have a shower and were unhappy. See what I mean about being upfront about what you need and not leaving it to the accommodation owner to guess?

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Making Special Requests

When you stay at a hotel, tailoring your experience to your needs can greatly enhance your comfort. Here’s how to successfully communicate special requests during your stay.


Act Early: Your best chance of having your requests met is to act in advance. Whether it’s for a room with a view or a late check-in, getting in touch with the hotel before your arrival often leads to favourable outcomes.

How to Make Requests

Be Polite and Positive: Hotels are in the business of hospitality, and a friendly approach to your requests usually prompts a similar response. Politely asking can move mountains, whether you need a specific room or additional amenities.

Be Specific

Use Clear Language: Vague requests are hard to fulfill. Be clear about your needs, whether that means specifying a bed type or the desire for an extra pillow. Clear communication helps staff understand and meet your expectations.


Follow Up: After making a request, always seek confirmation. This can be an emailed document or a note added to your reservation. When you arrive, a quick check-in with the reception ensures that your specific needs haven’t been overlooked.

Elegant hotel room featuring a plush bed with white bedding, a classic leather couch, and polished wooden furniture, with a framed still-life painting adding a touch of artistry to the space.

Handling Unmet Requests

At times, your special requests at a hotel may not be met. Key measures include timely communication, providing alternatives, and seeking guest feedback to mitigate any disappointment.

Immediate Communication

When your request cannot be met, hotels should inform you as soon as possible. Immediate communication can help manage your expectations and prevent any surprises upon arrival.


Hotels that can offer alternative solutions demonstrate their commitment to guest satisfaction. If the original request isn’t feasible, a good hotel might present you with options that could still enhance your stay. For more insights, check Special Requests At A Hotel: What To Do and What Not.


Your feedback is invaluable. It helps hotels understand how they can improve their service. Whether your special request was met or not, sharing your thoughts can lead to better experiences in the future.

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After Your Stay

After you’ve checked out, your input can significantly impact future guests and the hotel’s services. Your experiences with special requests are valuable for continual improvement.

Giving Feedback on Accommodated Requests

If the hotel successfully fulfilled your special requests, it’s important to give specific feedback. Contact the hotel directly, whether through an email or a feedback form, mentioning:

  • The nature of your request
  • How well it was addressed
  • The staff members involved (if applicable)

This not only acknowledges their effort but also encourages the hotel to maintain high standards.

Reviewing Hotels Based on Special Request Handling

When writing a review on traveler platforms, it’s helpful to detail:

  1. The special requests you made
  2. The hotel’s efficiency in handling them

Point out what they did well and areas for improvement. Your honest review can guide future guests in making informed decisions and alert the hotel to possible enhancements in their service.

Hoteliers Insight: Almost nothing is better than going out of our way to meet a special request for a guest, and being left a glowing review for the effort! It’s one of the best things about working in hospitality for sure.

A tray with a variety of breakfast essentials including Harvey Fresh orange juice, natural yogurt, muesli, fresh milk, artisan bread, Lurpak butter, gourmet jams, and a bag of espresso coffee, ready for a nourishing start to the day.

Wrapping Up: Hotel Special Request Tips

Knowing how to ask for special things at hotels can make your trip even better. Whether you want a special room or prefer a certain style of pillow, it’s just about asking nicely and at the right time. Hotels want to make your stay great, and with the tips we talked about, you’re ready to make your next hotel visit just right for you.

But there’s more to learn about having the best time at hotels! Stay with us for more easy tips to make your travels fun and comfy. Whether you travel a lot or are getting ready for your first trip, knowing these hotel tips is super helpful. Let’s keep learning together and make every trip the best one yet!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Margaret River!