HOTEL ROOM CLEANER: Everything You Need To Know [2023]

Hotel room cleaners play an essential role in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for keeping guest rooms, lobbies and other areas of the hotel clean and comfortable. A good hotel room cleaner will ensure that all surfaces are dust-free, floors are vacuumed or mopped, bathrooms are sanitized and beds/linens are properly made. By providing a clean and inviting space for guests to stay in, hotel room cleaners help create a positive experience that will make customers want to come back.

But how do I know so much about hotel room cleaners? Well, it’s because I am an experienced hotel owner and worker with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. I have cleaned thousands of hotel rooms over the course of my career, so I understand first-hand what it takes to be a successful hotel room cleaner.

I’m also partial to staying at a nice hotel! So as someone who has been on both sides of the equation, I can provide insight into the equipment, techniques, and processes needed to ensure a safe and sanitary hotel experience. I am committed to making sure my guests receive professional quality service that I would also like to receive myself!

Are you ready? Let’s get stuck in!

This is a photo of the hotel I own, taken from the street looking in to the reception 🙂

Hotel Room Cleaner Job Description

A hotel room cleaner is responsible for making sure that guest rooms and other areas of the hotel are kept clean, sanitary, and presentable. They may be required to vacuum carpets, mop floors, dust surfaces, empty trash cans/ashtrays and make beds. Hotel room cleaners must also ensure that bathrooms are properly sanitized and stocked with necessary supplies.

Additionally, they may be asked to perform other duties such as changing light fixtures/bulbs, unclogging drains, or rearranging furniture. Ultimately, a hotel room cleaner is responsible for providing a clean and inviting environment that makes guests feel comfortable and welcome.

What Qualifications and Skills Are Required To Become A Hotel Room Cleaner?

To be successful as a hotel room cleaner, you may not need to have any formal qualifications, but you should have excellent attention to detail to ensure that no surface goes unchecked. You must also have the physical stamina and endurance to perform repetitive tasks such as vacuuming carpets and mopping floors.

You should also have strong customer service experience to help you deal with guests. You should also be able to work in a team and work independently, depending on the requirements of the hotel.

However, I think the best quality you can have as a hotel room cleaner is a sense of humour, because, trust me! You definitely need one of these sometimes!

What Training Is Involved To Become A Hotel Room Cleaner?

Most hotel room cleaners receive on-the-job training, which includes learning safety and health guidelines, gaining knowledge of the cleaning products and techniques used in the hospitality industry, and understanding how to properly use equipment such as vacuum cleaners and mop buckets.

They must learn proper procedures for cleaning different types of surfaces (e.g., wood, carpet, tile, etc.) and learn how to spot-clean stains. Each hotel is different, so you will learn how each property like to do thing in a slightly different way, although the basics will be the same.

Hotel room cleaners will learn the importance of providing a thorough yet efficient cleaning service to meet customer expectations.

Working Conditions

Hotel room cleaners typically work part-time shifts with flexible hours, though some may be asked to work overtime or weekend shifts depending on the needs of the hotel.

Salaries vary based on experience, but most earn an hourly rate in the range of $10-$15 USD per hour in the US. In Australia, where I’m from, hotel room cleaners earn anywhere from $30 an hour to upwards of $70 an hour if cleaning on public holidays.

Hotel room cleaners must also be prepared to work in a variety of environments, including noisy guest rooms and other public areas. They must also be able to lift and carry heavy objects such as furniture or mattresses as part of their duties.

Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist

Have you always wondered how hotel cleaners even clean a hotel room? Let’s break it down into 15 simple steps for you, assuming the guest has vacated the room and you’re ready to clean. This is the exact hotel room cleaning procedure that I use in my own hotel;

1.Begin by opening all the doors and windows to let fresh air into the room.

2.Strip the bed of its sheets, pillow slips, and doona/duvet cover, and drop these outside the door.

4.Get all of the towels, bath mats, face towels, and hand towels, even if they haven’t been used, and add these to the pile of dirty washing outside the door.

5.Grab all of the rubbish bags and empty the room of all rubbish. Remember to check the shower, drawers, and under beds. Put all the rubbish outside the door.

6.If, while stripping the room, you find some lost property, write this on the cleaning sheet, and depending on what the item is, let your supervisor know straight away in case the hotel policy is to contact guests straight away.

7.If, while stripping the room, you notice any maintenance issues or damage, make a note of it on the cleaning sheet and report it to your supervisor straight away if it’s serious, so they can arrange the maintenance team to attend.

8.Check over the doona/duvet inner, the mattress protector, and the pillow protectors for any marks or stains, and if so, return these to the laundry and grab replacements.

9.Dust the room and wipe all the surfaces down using a spray and a clean rag. Don’t forget to clean the TV’s, phones and remotes, as well as all the table cupboards and closets.

10.Re-make the bed as per hotel policy (every hotel is different) using clean sheets, pillow slips and doona/duvet cover. Make sure you check for any marks or tears on the clean linen, if you find any, remove them immediately and put in the returns pile.

11.Clean the bathroom. Towels and rubbish should already be removed from earlier when you were stripping the room out. I like to put toilet cleaner in first, then spray the entire room with disinfectant. From there, I then clean the shower and bath area, then the sink and taps, then the mirror, then the toilet. Then I will dust any remaining surfaces, the towel rail, and the walls if they are tiled. When cleaning the shower I take special care to look for mold and apply mold cleaner and scrub as necessary.

12.Put clean towels in the bathroom, put bin liners in the bins, top up any other amenities or toiletries as required, such as bathrobes, slippers, shampoo, soap, tea, coffee and sugar etc.

13.Next, vacuum the carpeted areas to remove any dirt and debris, including the curtains or drapes if necessary.

14.Close any windows that you may have opened earlier.

15. Mop hard surfaces such as tile or wood floors using appropriate cleaning products.

By following this housekeeping room cleaning process, you can ensure a clean and inviting hotel room for each guest!

Rules For Hotel Housekeeping

Several important rules should be adhered to when guest room cleaning. These include:

Entry Into A Guests Room

At my hotel, we try to work around our guests as much as possible, trying to ensure that they are comfortable and not disturb them if unnecessary. We try to keep our services between 10am and midday and we communicate this to the guests so they can plan their day around that if they so wish.

If they have requested a service, we will try to wait until they have gone out by seeing if their car is still parked in front of their room. Once we think they have gone, we will knock hard, and say “housekeeping.” We will wait 10 seconds, then do the same again. If there has been no response the second time then we will open the door slowly, saying “housekeeping” again, before entering fully.

At other properties, if the latch is across the inside of the door and housekeeping can’t get in, they won’t enter. If it has been more than 24 hours (depending on the hotels policies), and housekeeping still can’t get a response from the room, they will let their supervisor know who will notify security to check on the guest. (This hasn’t been an issue at our property before!)

Cleaning Rooms

Hotel cleaning staff clean rooms to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

Each room must be thoroughly cleaned according to strict standards set by the hotel. This includes vacuuming carpets, dusting surfaces, and wiping down furniture, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. All linens and towels are replaced with fresh ones; windows are washed and floors are mopped.

Before every new guest arrives, a supervisor or manager will also check over the room to make sure everything is perfect.

These stringent standards help to maintain a safe, healthy environment for guests and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Gifts And Tipping

Hotel cleaners and housekeepers are very sensitive to the guest’s possessions. Most hotels will ask for police clearances from staff before employing them, as claims from guests that a hotel cleaner has stolen something are taken extremely seriously.

This means that when it comes to housekeepers receiving gifts and presents from guests, they will generally have to politely refuse, or will ask the guest to write a note explaining that it is being left for the housekeepers.

Hotel cleaners will surrender any possessions or large amounts of money they find without a note to their supervisors, who will put it in lost property, in case the guests try to reclaim their lost possessions.

During services, housekeepers are not allowed to touch or move any personal items that look expensive or fragile. You may find that as a guest, if you have a lot of possessions on your bed, for instance, the housekeeping staff won’t attempt to make your bed at all because they won’t be allowed to move all of your things.

As for how much you should leave as a tip if you’re a guest, this will vary from country to country. In Australia, for example, people don’t tip housekeepers at all. Over the course of the year at my hotel, we may find less than what amounts to a few dollars a week left behind in tips. In America, it is encouraged to leave housekeeping staff anywhere from $1 to $5 per night depending on the hotel quality and standard of service.

Professional Behaviour

Hotel cleaners should always maintain a professional attitude and behavior. This is because these staff members are the face of the hotel and represent its values to guests.

A clean and well-maintained room can boost customer satisfaction, so maintaining professionalism is essential in ensuring that the job is done properly and efficiently.

Housekeepers should be well-presented, wearing a clean and pressed uniform, and be polite in any guest interactions.

FAQ: Hotel Room Cleaning

What Is a Hotel Room Cleaner Called?

A hotel room cleaner is generally referred to as a housekeeper, maid or room attendant. In Australia, where I am from, cleaner and housekeeper are pretty interchangeable.

What Does a Hotel Room Cleaner Do?

As a hotel room cleaner, your duties will involve cleaning the floors, dusting, vacuuming, replacing linens, wiping down surfaces, disposing of trash, making beds, replenishing supplies, and ensuring that the room looks neat and welcoming.

You may also be responsible for cleaning common areas such as lobbies, lounges, conference rooms, and other public spaces. To ensure guest satisfaction, you will have to adhere to health and safety regulations, keep detailed records of your work, and respond promptly to any requests or complaints from hotel management.

Do Hotels Staff Clean Your Room Everyday?

Most hotels do not provide daily cleaning of guest rooms (especially since COVID). Instead, they offer a service called “turndown” in which the bed is made and clean towels are provided nightly. If you would like to have your room cleaned on a more frequent basis, many hotels offer housekeeping services that can be scheduled ahead of time .

However, if a guest informs the front desk that they would like their room to be cleaned daily, most hotels will accommodate this request and provide a daily cleaning service at an additional cost. If you are staying in an extended-stay hotel for more than a week or two, the staff may clean your room once a week.

No matter how often your room is cleaned, it helps to maintain a clean and organized space during your stay, as this will reduce the amount of work for hotel staff and make their job easier. If you need additional towels or linens, simply let the front desk know and they can provide them for you.

How Many Rooms Should a Housekeeper Clean in 8 Hours?

This will depend greatly on the size of the hotel, but generally, a housekeeper should be able to clean an average of 10 or more rooms per 8-hour shift. Housekeeping staff must work quickly and efficiently to meet this goal; however, it is important that they do not sacrifice quality for speed. Regular inspections of each room should be done to ensure that the highest standards are being met.

This will vary from hotel to hotel as well. Personally, at my hotel, I allow 45 minutes for a standard room, and up to an 1.5 hours for a family room, depending on how it was left!

Will I Lose Weight Working as a Housekeeper?

I find that when I don’t do housekeeping for any extended period of time, I am definitely less fit and I also start to put weight on, but every person is different. Working as a housekeeper can be physically demanding and you may find yourself sweating and puffing.

When I track my steps on my iPhone, I frequently do over 10,000 steps when I’m housekeeping, whereas I might only do 3,000 if I’m on the computer all day. So make of that what you will, but I think housekeeping keeps you fit and trim!

Is Hotel Cleaning a Hard Job?

It can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. You will need to be physically fit, as you may have to lift and carry heavy items as part of your job. You must also pay attention to detail in order to ensure that the room is completely clean and meets the standards of the hotel. You should also be prepared to work long hours and maintain a cheerful and professional attitude at all times.

It is not an easy job, but you will gain satisfaction from knowing that you are helping to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests. Plus, if you take pride in your work, the rewards can be great. You may even get tips from happy customers!

For me, my favorite part of the job is the team I get to work with every day. They make the job worthwhile and enjoyable. I also like that you can come in to work, clean and then go home, there’s no “taking work home with you” like plenty of other jobs. I’m sure plenty of people don’t like housekeeping, but I’ve always enjoyed it.

How Long Does It Take a Cleaner to Clean a Hotel Room?

This will depend on the size of the room and how much work needs to be done. Generally, a cleaner should be able to clean a standard hotel room in 30-45 minutes. However, if additional services such as laundry or extra deep cleaning is required, this could take longer.

Some hotels may have specific requirements that must be met, such as making sure all surfaces are properly disinfected. This could add extra time to the cleaning process. In Australia, lots of hotel rooms also have kitchens or kitchenettes, these take a long time to clean and add time to the cleaning process as well.

At the end of the day, it is important for cleaners to ensure that the rooms are cleaned to a high standard and meet the hotel’s requirements for cleanliness.

What Is the Professional Name for a Cleaner?

The professional name for a cleaner is “housekeeper”. This title reflects the responsibility of these professionals to ensure that hotel rooms and other facilities are kept in a safe and hygienic condition.

What Is the Difference Between a Housekeeper and a Cleaner in a Hotel?

The role of a housekeeper in a hotel is to ensure that guests have an enjoyable stay. They are responsible for tidying the rooms, changing bed linen, and providing additional services such as laundry or deep cleaning. A cleaner is usually responsible for more general tasks such as mopping floors, vacuuming carpets and dusting surfaces in common areas, although this will vary from hotel to hotel.

Wrapping Up: Hotel Room Cleaner

Woking as a housekeeper can be physically demanding and challenging, but it is also very rewarding. Housekeepers need to be fit and pay attention to detail to ensure that the room is cleaned correctly and meets the standards of the hotel. Working in a team environment and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to ensure the comfort and safety of guests makes it a job worth doing!

Are you a hotel room cleaner? Is it a job you enjoy?

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